Executive Director of Financial Consulting, Kapil Dua presented a masterclass on ‘Maximising your Return on Investment in India’ at the 2018 British Universities Finance Directors’ Group (BUFDG) Conference in Hull this week.

Showing a photograph of the view from the Mumbai office, Kapil suggested that India was a land rich in opportunities beyond student recruitment. He noted that historically, UK universities’ activity in India has been driven largely by student recruitment and increasingly TNE partnerships. By contrast, US universities have expanded rapidly to meet the demand for research, online delivery, executive education and corporate social responsibility.

Kapil summarised the relevant developments in Prime Minister Modi’s reform agenda, including the new Goods and Services Tax (GST); the untapped funding pool that is the new CSR law, brought in in 2013; the broader taxation landscape and the correct business structuring for repatriating funds (eg fees, donations) from India back to the UK.

Nodding, avid note-taking and spontaneous streams of questions indicated that Kapil had an engaged and knowledgeable audience. Questions included whether an entity has to employ staff; Indian students’ motivation in going abroad and why 90 days, not 183 days, is the trigger for Permanent Establishment.

Kapil and his team have an unparalleled track record of expertise in this area, as illustrated by a number of Ivy League clients, and therefore we hope that a number of new mandates will flow from this presentation.

Are you interested in learning more to ensure you are maximising your return on investment in India? Kapil would be delighted to talk to you. Contact us here: connect@sannams4.com to set up a time to connect with him.

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