Brand Story

The name of our company comes from the “Sannam S4” red chilli which is grown in India and is an internationally acclaimed spice and a key ingredient of Indian cuisine. These two attributes of being “widely sought after internationally” and a “key ingredient to Indian recipes” represented the ethos that the company’s co-founders Adrian Mutton and Kapil Dua wanted their new business to represent.

In establishing Sannam S4 they sought to be the “go-to” firm in India for international organisations seeking to explore, enter, and expand in the Indian market and once in the country they wanted Sannam S4 to be the key contributor to its client’s local success. Established in 2008, Sannam S4 has lived up to these aspirations. The company has gone on to develop its own international footprint and supported its client’s success in many other countries worldwide including Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Brazil, USA, UAE, UK and others. Sannam S4 is its own export success story, just as is the Sannam S4 chilli.

About Us

Sannam S4 is itself rapidly expanding into dynamic markets. Based on client demand, the Company is taking its unique support model into fast-growing, dynamic and complicated markets. The Company’s aim is to be the leading market entry and expansion support partner to leading globally ambitious firms.

In the past five years alone we have assisted over 350 organisations explore enter and expand into India, Malaysia, China, and Brazil and we are now rolling out our own support network in the further high growth markets like Australia, Canada, Colombia, Eastern Europe, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Russia, UAE, Singapore, Thailand, U.K., U.S.A and Vietnam.

We are trusted by many of the world’s leading brands to support them in the most difficult business environments. We are passionate about what we do and committed to our own further international expansion.

We employ over 200 staff, operate many offices, across multiple continents, and at virtually every working hour of the day are serving someone somewhere with their own international growth agenda.

The Sannam S4 Group consists of a number of integrated international market entry and expansion businesses. Sannam S4 also conceptualised and operates the US Business Centers, an initiative to support increased trade and investment between the US and India.