A school district in Texas is seeking suppliers of american football equipment.

The items needed are:

– shirts
– shorts
– trousers
– jerseys
– socks
– gloves
– caps
– vests
– shoulder pads, straps and laces
– thigh pads
– knee pads
– elbow sleeves
– helmets
– hook clips
– chin straps
– footballs
– similar products

The length of the contract is 1 year.

Apply for more information from our team in the USA.

All applications will be reviewed and you will be notified of the outcome. You can only apply if you are a UK supplier.

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Sectors: Clothing, Footwear & Fashion

Opportunity type: Public Sector

Expiry date: 11 July 2017

Applications received: 0

Value of contract: Value unknown

Your guide to exporting: USA


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