The oscillating fortunes of Brazil’s economic and political landscape have far surpassed anyone’s wildest expectations. The past 12 months have witnessed drama befitting a great Greek tragedy (a referral to the Classical fictional Greek tragedies not the current real one!). Despite the frankly rather unbelievable shenanigans in Brazil, Sannam S4 continues to serve a number of international companies and universities keen to take advantage of the downturn, invest while the Brazilian currency is extremely weak and realising as current investors they are welcomed with open arms in a way they may not be when everyone is chasing a rising economy.

There is no certainty about the nature or timing of Brazil’s return to prosperity, but as this latest British Chamber of Commerce update suggests: Click here
there is no shortage of activity – business and political – encouraging positive change.

Adrian Mutton, Founder & CEO, Sannam S4

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