Ed Dixon, Group COO & Managing Director, in an exclusive interview with Discovering Business 2019|2020 for India, a publication supported…

A delegation of US universities visited India for the first US-India Knowledge Exchange (USIKE), interacting with institutional and government representatives to foster collaborative research and innovation in various fields between the two countries. The initiative, launched last year by US-based organisation Sannam S4 and non-profit organisation US-India Strategic Partnership Forum, aims to identify key areas of collaborative research (private and public sector) and unlock significant funding pools.

Executive director and head of education at Sannam S4, Lakshmi Iyer told The PIE News the decision should help IITs to attract the top international students from South Asian and African countries, in particular.

India’s Institutes of Technology will cut fees for international students and push to recruit foreign academics and teachers to permanent…

Commenting on the announcement Lakshmi Iyer, executive director and head of education at Sannam S4, told The PIE News that this is a small but significant step.

Organised by market-entry experts, Sannam S4 and the US–India Strategic Partnership Forum, the day-long event was deemed successful in developing paths for greater cooperation between US and Indian higher education.

Market-entry expert Sannam S4, which works with education providers in multiple countries, has won the Consultancy Firm of the Year at the 2nd Annual UK-India Awards in the UK.

Lakshmi Iyer, head of education at Sannam S4, meanwhile, told The PIE many institutions specifically stipulated in their contracts with agents they would not be responsible for local taxes.

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