It is important to be strategic about China. There’s a balance to be had between maximising your investment in the largest student market while mitigating your risk by not relying solely on a single source country.

We’re here to help you optimise your China outreach, across a wide variety of areas, to reap the outcomes you seek. We address the needs of institutions, leadership teams, faculty members, and students.

Consultancy services for educational institutions

Our team of China experts can guide you on your China strategy, ranging from recruitment, partnership development and faculty exchange, to programme and degree development.

Amongst our speciality areas are:

  • Finding the right Chinese partner for academic collaboration and student exchanges
  • Guiding specific programme design and development for students or faculty
  • Developing scholarships for students and teaching faculty
  • Locating opportunities for faculty to teach in China for both long- and short-term periods
  • Developing undergraduate and graduate programs with partner institutions through single-degree or dual-degree programmes

Our China lead is Sufei Li, an education professional with over 20 years of experience helping institutions build partnerships with China encompassing student mobility, study abroad, faculty development and leadership training. Sufei is currently advising the Sino-US Cooperation on Higher Education and Professional Development 1+2+1 Programme, which is the largest student exchange programme between China and the US.

QUESTIONS? Our China team is eager to connect! Please contact Sufei at to start a discussion.

Global Gateway Programme 

Discover potential partners across China through our comprehensive TNE entry programme. You can engage with compatible partners at every stage of the process and start building a partnership that meets your needs. The Global Gateway Programme is an annual subscription service that enables institutions to build partnerships for specific programmes in a variety of markets. Apart from China, we are currently providing the GGP service in Southeast Asia and South Asia.

Earn scholarships for your students to study in China

We have great opportunities for faculty-led short-term study abroad programmes!

Sannam S4 is working with the Chinese Embassy on the American Short-term Study in China Initiative (ASSCI) to provide a wide variety of scholarship opportunities for students and teaching faculty in the United States.

Applications are to be made by teaching faculty and should a bid be successful, scholarships will then be awarded to the student participants.

Interested in the ASSCI Scholarship Scheme?        VISIT OUR ASSCI PAGE