A Beijing-based interior decoration company wants interior decoration products, technology and partnerships from the UK.

A Beijing-based interior decoration company is seeking UK partners to provide interior decoration products and technology for its high-end Chinese client base. Its main clients include 4 and 5-star hotel chains, office buildings and luxury apartments.

The types of products of interest are anything that’s high-tech and advanced eg sensory lighting and room doors that open when approached.

The chosen UK partner should have a long history in the interior decoration industry, with both design and manufacturing capabilities.

The form of partnership is open for discussion, with potential cooperation models such as:

• direct import of products
• acting as distributor/agent of the UK partner in China
• co-development of designs and products
• intellectual property (IP) transfers

Apply for more information from the China-Britain Business Council (CBBC).

CBBC is a membership organisation and Department for International Trade’s chosen partner in China to deliver trade services.

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Sectors: Construction, Electronics & IT Hardware, Household Goods, Furniture & Furnishings, and Retail and Luxury

Opportunity type: Private Sector

Expiry date: 30 September 2017

Applications received: 9

Value of contract: Value unknown

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