An infant formula milk powder distributor based in Beijing is looking for UK infant formula products.

You should:

– have an established market presence in the UK, but not yet be in the Chinese market
– have a long history in the UK market (ideally the product should have been available for sale in the UK for over 40 years)
– be well-known in the UK, but not have a large sales volume

The Beijing distributor:

– was founded in 2002, with an annual revenue of £500,000 in 2017
– has several businesses in the following areas: infant formula sales, after-sales service, parenting advice, and children’s health consultation
– is an exclusive distributor of ‘Golden D 100’ under the brand of U-smart, which is Synutra International’s star product
– has an extensive network in China that covers 20 provinces with over 1,100 retail outlets
– wishes to be the sole agent or exclusive distributor in China of a UK brand

Submit your proposal to the China-Britain Business Council (CBBC).

CBBC is a membership organisation and Department for International Trade’s chosen partner in China to deliver trade services.

All submissions will be reviewed and you will be notified of any potential next steps. You can only submit a proposal if you are a UK registered company.

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Sectors: Food & Drink

Opportunity type: Private Sector

Expiry date: 31 July 2018

Applications received: 1

Value of contract: Value unknown

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