To Our Valued Customers:

We would firstly like to say thank you for your continued business. Sannam S4 is doing everything we can to drive normal business operations – so far so good on that front. Our entire global team has full online work, communication, meeting and online event/webinar capabilities which we are using very effectively. 

Our primary concerns have been to enable the well-being of our own staff globally so we have taken the necessary measures to do this. Alongside this, we are ensuring that our clients remote international staff and contractors are well supported. This is where Sannam S4 will continue to play a big role for you. Our HR, finance, compliance and governance and logistics teams are working overtime to ensure the well being and operational and local pastoral support we know you’d like to have extended to them. By being focused on holistic support provision we are effectively supporting the communication, needs and necessary administration to ensure you and your staff and global contractors are able to continue doing business, as effectively, efficiently and without an added burden in the circumstances that are presented. We are thinking on your behalf and via our various webinars/communications ensuring you have the most up to date information, regulatory information and insights with which to make the right decisions for your business. 

If there is anything Sannam S4 can do to support your local staff, local suppliers, partners or stakeholders, please do not hesitate to ask. No request is too small and we also recognise that some fundamental changes need to be made to some operations to which we are already responding. 

As a firm, we are trying to make the difficult decisions early and expediently and utilise this period to advance our longer-term readiness to continue building our business once this passes and we are taking this approach with our clients too. We are seeing some businesses in China go back to work already, and whilst we see that as a much-needed sign of optimism, we are also acting with great prudence and acknowledgment that most countries are 3-4 months behind China in terms of the manifestation of the epidemic and the business and economic consequences are significant. 

Rest assured that we will continue to serve your interests around the clock. Please do follow our news, webinars and reach out to us for support where needed. We will be proactively reaching out to you with information we believe is relevant and helpful to you. 

Already a number of our clients are using this opportunity to do further research, strategic planning, assess their market position and look at innovation and opportunities beyond the pandemic as indeed we are at Sannam S4. We will work with you to come through this crisis and emerge in the best shape possible to come out strong on the other side. 

Our thoughts are with you all
For and on behalf of Sannam S4’s Leadership Team

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