Studying abroad amidst pandemic, a perspective from a leading school in France

13 June 2020 | India Education Diary

Action: In Europe, France remains among the top destinations for Indian students because of the sheer quality of education, infrastructure, safety as well as multi-faceted cultural life the country presents.

France has been a leader in extending support to foreign students’ community through visas and scholarships amid the pandemic crisis comes as a confidence booster for Indian students who continue to be greeted by the country. It is turning the global health crisis into opportunities and is fully geared to usher in the academic year for new students through virtual classrooms. It has announced augmentation of the proportion of scholarships for the academic year by 50% which translates to USD 1.3 million. The scholarships will be awarded regardless of whether a student starts the semester in India or France.

Three countries Indian students are choosing for studying abroad after COVID-19

12 June 2020 | India Today

Action: Plans for higher studies and studying abroad are still underway as COVID-19 lockdown continues in many areas.

The brave and rapid adaptive measures taken by universities across the globe amidst the current circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic deserves a lot of appreciation. In the current scenario, universities have understood and taken
prompt measures to welcome academic and industry collaboration, have shown trust in their strategic partners across Perhaps the first country to be able to flatten the curve and bring its daily new COVID19 cases down to zero, New Zealand has always been in the mix when it came to top study abroad destinations. Germany too has been the hottest European study abroad destination for Indian students for a while now.

Indian students opt for a local route to get a foreign degree

12 June 2020 | The Economic Times

Action: As many as 15,000 Indian undergraduate students wishing to study abroad this year, but are unsure of traveling due to the COVID-19 pandemic, might take a roundabout local route to fulfill their dreams of getting a foreign degree.

Indian students are likely to opt for the transfer programme, where a student studies a year or two in India and then transfers the credits to a university abroad and completes the rest of the course there, getting a foreign degree.Students typically need to have at least two years of study left to qualify as transfer students. Transfer programmes provide students an opportunity to get the benefits of being an international student in a foreign country—such as a post-study work visa—while lowering the overall cost of the degree. Many universities also don’t require SAT or GRE scores, as English proficiency and a requisite GPA score can be enough.

Indian families spend on foreign education drops to a four-year low in April

10 June 2020 | Livemint

Action: It is reflective of the study abroad prospects of Indians in 2020 in the face of immigration rules,COVID-19 impact on education at key foreign education destinations like the US and UK.

Indian families spent the least in four years in April for their wards’ education in foreign countries, indicative of the disruption caused by COVID-19 and the ensuing lockdown. In April, for which the education spending data is available,
India’s outward remittances were at USD 78.76 million, almost 75% less than March and also over 70% lower on year. According to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), while India’s outward study abroad remittances was USD 312.68 million in March, it was USD 497 million in February and USD 510 million in January. Experts said it is reflective of the study abroad prospects of Indians in 2020 in the face of immigration rules, COVID-19 impact on education at key foreign education destinations like the US and UK, and the overall financial hardship of people to send money abroad for education.

Study abroad plans of many crash-land

11 June 2020 | Orissapost.com

Action: As Western universities struggle to balance health and education, students are looking closer to home.

Even though foreign universities and colleges have always been attractive destinations for Indian students for higher studies, dreams of many of them got shattered by the outbreak of novel coronavirus. The universities and colleges have an edge over Indian institutions concerning world-class education infrastructure and study atmosphere, their due emphasis on experimental and practical studies rather than theoretical ones among others. However, COVID-induced international travel restrictions have ruined the plans. Stringent travel curbs have been imposed in countries like the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States of America (USA).

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