COVID-19: Parents press Centre to evacuate students stranded abroad 

27 April 2020 | The New Indian Express

Action: As calls for evacuations of Indians stranded across the world grow, the Centre has started preparing to bring them back.

Indians abroad have been posting videos, writing emails to authorities, and doing everything in their power to come back home or to ensure their loved ones return. The WhatsApp group called ‘Airlift for Indian Students’ has some students and parents of children stranded in the US. The parents are ready to pay for the flights of the students and also for quarantine facilities once they are repatriated.

Gadkari asks overseas Indian students to convert COVID-19 crisis into opportunity

26 April 2020 | Business Insider

Action: Nitin Gadkari (the Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India) has asked Indian overseas students to make concerted efforts to convert COVID-19 adversity into an opportunity.

The minister said the companies need to look for new partnerships with global firms, attracting them to set up for joint ventures in India. Gadkari said efforts need to meet not only Indian demand but also cater to the global market as many companies are looking to shift away from China. He called upon the young Indian students studying abroad to contribute to this goal in a big way.

Indians stranded abroad due to coronavirus lockdown to be brought back only if states agree to take them

26 April 2020 | The Deccan Herald

Action: The Centre will bring back the Indian citizens (including students) stranded abroad due to the ban on arrival of international passenger aircraft, only if the respective states they belong to agree to allow them to come back home and make necessary arrangements to quarantine them after their return.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has started consultations with the State Governments on bringing back the Indians, who got stranded in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Canada, and many other foreign countries due to the ban on arrival of international passenger aircraft to any airport in the country. The decision on facilitating their return to the country would be taken after getting feedback on the preparedness of the States and the Union Territory to receive them following all required health precautions.

IIT KGP creates an online forum to reach out to stranded foreign students at institute due to coronavirus

26 April 2020 | India Today

Action: In order to curb the spread of coronavirus, IIT KGP has created an online forum to connect with its stranded students in India or abroad.

Due to coronavirus lockdown, the IIT Kharagpur has created an online forum to help stranded foreign students at the institute share their problems faced during the nationwide lockdown imposed to contain the spread of novel Covid-19. The Office of International Relations (OIR) is reaching out to the foreign students and is also sharing academic information on the forum. The OIR is also helping the students get an extension of their visas and is processing their scholarships so that they don’t face difficulties during the lockdown.

Delhi government compiling data of students stranded abroad due to coronavirus outbreak

26 April 2020 | India Today

Action: Delhi government is planning to bring students stranded abroad from the city.

Indian students are stranded abroad due to coronavirus lockdown; therefore, the Delhi government has launched an exercise to prepare a detailed plan for students. Vijay Dev (the chief secretary of the Delhi NCT) has asked officials to prepare a list of students stranded abroad and suggest measures for screening and quarantine among others upon their return to the city.

New Zealand brings promise of hope for Indian Students

25 April 2020 | Telangana Today

Action: Student health insurance will cover any Covid-19 related healthcare expenses. Any international student will be eligible for free public healthcare if he/she affected by Coronavirus.

The Government of New Zealand is ensuring that international students can sustain themselves during these very uncertain, fearful, and indeterminate times. Students who were employed part-time, are covered by the government’s employer wage subsidy, to ensure that they do not lose their jobs and continue to receive an income. Visas due to expire between April 1 and July 9, 2020, have been automatically extended to September 25.

Amid the corona crisis, what are the options for Indian students seeking to study abroad?

25 April 2020 | Deccan Chronicle

Action: Undoubtedly, student mobility will be affected, more so in the preferred and frequented study destinations reporting alarmingly high spread and prevalence of the novel coronavirus.

There remains considerable insecurity in terms of international travel, health concerns, and careers abroad after completion of higher education studies. As a result, many students aspiring for higher education abroad will not be able to fulfill that aspiration in 2020. However, it is equally important that Indian students not forego this opportunity to engage in quality learning while studying in India without losing focus on the rest of the world.

COVID-19: Ambassador Misri interacts with Indians studying in China, assure to extend all possible facilitation

24 April 2020 | ANI News 

Action: Ambassador of India to China, Vikram Misri, interacted with Indian students studying in China and assured them that the embassy and consulates would extend all possible facilitation, including for the attestation of certificates.

Ambassador Vikram Misri interacted with Indian students studying in China. He enquired from the participant about their well-being and discussed the impact of the COVID19 crisis on the education sector. He requested the students to continue taking the necessary precautions keeping in mind the local sensitivities.

The ‘Fall’ of the Study-Abroad Dream in Times of Covid-19 – Deferred or Dropped? Digital or Real?

24 April 2020 | News 18 India 

Action: Academic calendars worldwide have been adversely affected. Indian students who had formalities to fulfill ahead of landing in the US or the UK colleges for education say they have no clarity on the situation.

While there is no plan of action from the universities for the fall season, it is going to hit them financially as much depends on the international students. Many schools and colleges are redrawing the ways of teaching, mapping new strategies. Reportedly, Boston University has said that if the threat of the virus continues, it may not return to face-to-face instruction until January 2021. Online courses can be a way forward for the universities, but decisions about studying abroad need to be made with these realities in mind.

91% of Indian students want to continue studying abroad even in Covid-19 lockdown

20 April 2020 | India Today

Action: Of the Indian students who had planned to study abroad, around 91% are still holding on to their dreams even amidst the Covid-19 lockdown.

As the world tackles the Covid-19 pandemic, 91% of Indian students with plans to study abroad still want to continue under the safety measures being put in place. A study by Ed-tech platform Leverage Edu on the Indian students who had registered on the platform for studying abroad in the next 6-10 months revealed their mindset during the pandemic which is making them take this decision.


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