Indian students trapped in the UK by coronavirus relying on food donations  

01 May 2020 | The Guardian

Action: Emergency food drops for thousands of young people unable to work or fly home.

Thousands of Indian students unable to leave the UK because of the coronavirus lockdown are relying on food donations from charities because they can no longer afford to eat. Student groups representing the students, from across the UK, have been coordinating emergency food drops with local community groups and charities. Many of the young people have lost their part-time jobs and can no longer afford even basic living costs.

COVID-19: Indian students in American universities are faced with an uncertain future

30 April 2020 | The Scroll

Action: Students face stricter immigration laws, suspended air travel, and job insecurity.

Many Indian students missed their chance to return home before India sealed its borders, and struggled to find affordable housing in the US. Those who made it home in time are worried they may never get to go back because of visa technicalities. In the absence of campus networking events this year, and with coronavirus hitting the global economy badly, fresh graduates will find it hard to get placement. Universities are trying to take some pressure off by allowing students to switch their classes from graded ones to pass/fail ones so their GPA doesn’t take a hit. But the lines remain blurred for many as they feel they’re not getting their money’s worth.

Indian Embassy in UAE opens registrations for students to return amid COVID

30 April 2020 | The Republic World

Action: Indian students living in UAE can now register on the Embassy’s website to return home on special flights arranged by the government of India.

A tweet by the Embassy stated that the form is available only to students, however, the registration website had no such notices and allowed tourists and NRIs to register as well. The purpose of this form is the collection of information to enable the Government of India to plan for the return of Indians from abroad in the Covid-19 situation. The form is to be filled for a single individual at a time. All rules and regulations of the Government of UAE on departure and Government of India on arrival will need to be strictly followed, especially those related to COVID-19.

Gurugram (NCR) takes steps to evacuate students stranded abroad amid COVID-19 outbreak

29 April 2020 | The Republic World

Action: The Gurugram district administration has taken steps to initiate rescue students stranded in foreign countries amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Gurugram district administration has decided to evacuate students stranded in foreign countries amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Since Gurugram comes under the national capital region (NCR), the number of students studying in foreign countries is high. The students’ parents sought the Chief Minister’s help in rescuing the students stranded abroad amid the COVID-19 crisis. The District Magistrate informed that parents can contact the authorities through email by mentioning overseas support. The administration will subsequently send a google form where students can upload their information and concerns.

To go or not to go: COVID-19 leaves students looking to study abroad in a quandary

29 April 2020 | The Hindu

Action: Uncertainty over visa processing and job opportunities is a big worry.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, overseas education consultancy experts in India estimate a 40% drop in demand for education in foreign universities next year. Students are presently grappling with the visa application processing, the uncertainty around the virus, the availability of job opportunities after graduation, and the travel restrictions. One of the major concerns of the students is the rejection of their student visas. Students are also worried about the availability of housing and part-time jobs in the countries they choose to study in for the September 2020 intake.

How international universities are dealing with enrollment and intake of Indian students

29 April 2020 | Business Insider

Action: Many top universities have turned flexible with student intake, and lowered criteria to increase the number of falling foreign students.

Several top schools have slightly lowered their admission eligibility criteria, waivered GMAT and GRE scores, and extended deadlines for the first time in the last 20–25 years. Yet, nearly 50% of the students are considering the possibility of deferring to the future. While many universities have shifted to online classes for the current semester’s full-time courses, students are preferring to defer to next year to enrol in the January 2021 batch because they are still unsure of the online model.


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