Indian students in the UK seek fee waiver, extension of visas 

17 May 2020 | Times of India

Action: The petition sought extension of tier-4 visas and waiver of third-term tuition fees for international students.

An Indian student has started an online petition urging the UK parliament to come to the aid of students in the wake of the disturbances to the academic year because of the lockdown. Lalitha Sai Chandrika Kamisetti’s petition has already got more than 5,500 signatures against the target of 10,000 with the deadline being November 11. A large number of Telugu students have signed the petition. The petition explained that all international students in the UK were paying a huge fee for the postgraduate courses but are unable to use most of the university’s resources because of Covid-19.

Coronavirus has forced 51% non-STEM Indian students to drop the plan to study abroad

16 May 2020 | The Print

Action: The QS report says the COVID-19 pandemic has overall affected the decision of 48.46% of Indian students who aspired to study abroad.

Over 50% non-STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) students in India who planned to study abroad have dropped their plans due to the restrictions in various countries in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, a Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) report has said. Titled Indian Students Mobility Report 2020, the report said 47.38% of students in STEM fields changed their higher studies plans abroad. The figure for non-STEM students is at 51.59%. Overall, the pandemic has affected the decision of 48.46% of students who aspired to study abroad, added the report.

14,000 Indian students register for repatriation in Ukraine

15 May 2020 | The Wion News

Action: With India all set to begin repatriation of Indian students from Ukraine, students will be the main focus.

14,000 students registered but that is an intention. The applications are being manually sorted to ascertain the stated necessity with the determining criteria. Both countries have been engaging with each other on the crisis as India is one of the largest pharma suppliers to Ukraine, sending medicines to deal with COVID-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus upends the American dream for Indian students and H-1Bs

15 May 2020 | The Hindu

Action: Lay-offs for Indian workers don’t just mean the loss of a job and income. They may have to leave the US for good.

With nearly 36 million people now unemployed and the unemployment rate reaching nearly 15% (from 3.8% two months ago), tens of thousands of Indian workers are being let go. Lay-offs for Indian workers don’t just mean the loss of a job and income; they may have to leave the US for good. H-1B employment rules are strict. Where the employee works, the compensation, job description, qualifications, and whether or not an American is being displaced are all monitored by the government. Laid off H-1Bs need to obtain another employer sponsor within 60 days, under conditions nearly identical to the original H-1B agreement, or the employee risks violating its terms.

200 Indian students stuck in Kazakhstan seek help

12 May 2020 | Times of India

Action: Nearly 200 medical students from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh who are among the 500 Indian students stuck in Kazakhstan have urged the Union government to operate special flights to bring them back home.

For a week, the students stayed put in the Almaty International Airport hoping they would be evacuated. They also ran out of money and the lockdown there made it worse for them to even get food to eat. The plight of students was brought to the notice of the Delhi high court by a student, Sehla Saira, through advocate Fouzia who explained the difficulties of the students. It was following the court order that the Indian embassy in Kazakhstan appointed a nodal officer and provided accommodation and other facilities to the students.

Vande Bharat Mission: 139 Indian students stranded in the Philippines arrive in Ahmedabad

12 May 2020 | News India Express

Action: The students from the state had gone to the Philippines for higher studies and got stuck there due to lockdown.

A special flight from Manila carrying 139 Indian students stranded in the Philippines due to the travel restrictions landed at the Ahmedabad airport. These students from the state had gone to the Philippines for higher studies and got stuck there due to lockdown. After their arrival, they were sent to their respective districts where they will be kept under institutional quarantine for 14 days. State authorities earlier announced that nearly 1,000 students hailing from Gujarat will be brought back from different countries.

Not the US, UK Or Europe, Why Student Traffic Will Now Shift To Locations In East Asia

15 May 2020 | Outlook India

Action: The impact of post-pandemic economic depression on the global middle class is likely to contract the movement of students to western universities.

Is the dynamic of international education and student travel going to change significantly in the years to come? Even before the world switched into crisis mode following the COVID-19 pandemic, there had been clear signs of shift that were about to disrupt dominant patterns of global higher education. For some, the signs were worrying; for others, it indicated good news. The US and UK’s immigration policies have started to discourage international students from targeting these countries as their destination for higher education in the way they did before.

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