Key Highlights:

  • Education team outlook
  • Students outlook during the current situation
  • Education Stakeholder outlook
  • Agent Outlook
  • Overall Sentiment of the Education Market
  • Current Focus
  • Experience/ Learnings from Online Agent Fairs
  • Topmost Student queries

Published biweekly, the COVID-19 education team sentiment snapshot highlights information drawn from a survey conducted every two weeks in an effort to gather on-the-ground intelligence from our education team to assist all our stakeholders (students, Universities, Agents, etc.) in preparing for the uncertainty surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 situation. This snapshot presents the insights from a survey conducted with our education team in India from July 27 – August 9, 2020, and captures how the sentiments have evolved in the past two weeks.

We surveyed 40 of our in-country representatives for various Universities across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

Key Findings

 Education Team Outlook

  • Uncertain (37.5%), 2.5%
  • Neutral (37.5%)
  • Positive (20%),  2%
  • Negative (5%),  2%

Student Outlook

  • Uncertain (50%),  6%
  • Neutral (30%)
  • Positive (12.5%),  0.5%
  • Negative (5%),  5%

Education Stakeholder outlook

  • Uncertain (39.5%), 4.5%
  • Neutral (36.8%)
  • Positive (23.8%), 11.8%
  • Negative (0%),  8%

Agent Outlook

  • Uncertain (41.38%),  1.6%
  • Neutral (41.38%)
  • Positive (13.80%),  0.2%
  • Negative (3.44%),  12.5%

Overall Sentiment of the Education Market

  • Uncertain (58.97%),  0.97%
  • Neutral (25.65%)
  • Positive (12.82%), 1.82%
  • Negative (2.56%),  4.44%

Top Student Queries

  • The major focus of the education team these past two weeks have been Student Counselling (65%), Engaging with Stakeholders (65%) and Planning & Research (60%)
  • The Education Team indicated spending 83% of their time these past two weeks on Conversions alone
  • 62% of our education team has attended more than 5 online agent fairs since the lockdown. 
  • 25% of the team has also organised more than 5 online interactions in the past two weeks alone to engage all the stakeholders. 45% of our staff participated in panels reaching out to students, 35% to parents, 25% to counsellors and 30% to schools, colleges & universities. 
  • For reaching out to students for undergraduate programs, 33% of the education team is focusing on special agent events25% on career platforms for schools and 15% on career seminars by counsellors
  • We continue to notice a high number of Deferral/refund related queries/request 88%). In the past two weeks, we also noticed a downward in Visa related queries (68%), 10% since the last survey. Students are also increasingly raising queries regarding the impact of online classes on degree/ post-study work visa (63%).
  • In order to address these challenges, institutions are providing quick/regular updates to the students and our education team suggests  80% of the institutions have also started offering online start for the upcoming intake.
  • 43%of the education team suggests 20-40% of their pipeline will start online in 2020 and transition to campus next year. 
  • 15%of our team suggests 40-60% of their pipeline is open for an online start in 2020 and transition to campus next year.
  • The education team suggests New Zealand (32.5%), Canada (25%) and the United Kingdom (25%) have done a good job of managing and communicating around the impact of COVID-19.
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