India – a personal request at a time of need

Dear friend,

The COVID crisis in India continues to be dire. Healthcare systems in many cities are collapsing, hospital staff are overwhelmed and many patients are dying due to shortages of oxygen and lack of other critical medical supplies and treatment. Because of the scale of this crisis, providing the most basic care to Indian citizens requires a global effort. 

Here at Sannam S4, we are desperately sad to have lost a much-beloved colleague to COVID, Sumit Rastogi, aged 35. For over 5 years Sumit was a joyful, kind and extremely diligent member of our finance and accounting team, with a bright future. He worked hard and had a passion for lobbying India’s authorities to reform the country’s Gratuity Act aimed at providing better protection to employees in the country. 

We are devastated by this loss, and those suffered by so many Sannam S4 family members in such a short space of time. At the same time, we are very proud of how our team has rallied to support one another, night and day, whether it be plasma donations, oxygen equipment, medicine and test kit distribution, or just to work through shared grief and anxiety.

We are doing what we can to protect, treat and support as many people in India as possible. 

In response to the crisis, our Board has approved an immediate $100,000 / £75,000 COVID emergency relief fund to be deployed towards impactful COVID relief programs in India. 

As part of this relief effort, we are in the process of converting our office in New Delhi into a vaccination center for staff, their families and the local community. Our first shipment of oxygen concentrators arrived in India which we are already distributing to those in need.  To reach a much wider section of the population – and this is where you can help –  we are partnering with the non-profit organisation GiveIndia.

You are likely aware of Sannam S4’s journey in India and development into a global company. Our team provides life-changing global study opportunities to tens of thousands of young Indians, generating commercial gains for global and Indian businesses, and partners with international governments to drive enhanced India engagement efforts. We also work with many of the world’s leading non-profit organisations and donor agencies on-the-ground in India, committed to supporting the country’s long-term sustainable development. 

We are appealing to you for your support in raising an additional $100,000 / £75,000. We are making an initial seed contribution to GiveIndia to further fund the urgent needs of families affected by COVID in India.

If you or your organization is willing and able to donate cash, medical supplies, or in-kind service, however small a contribution please donate here or email us at

Helping out takes just a couple of minutes, but will give someone in India the chance to live a lot longer.

All monetary donations will be eligible for tax exemptions for US taxpayers (under 501(c)(3)), UK taxpayers (under Gift Aid), and Indian taxpayers (under Section 80G).

From all of us at Sannam S4, we thank you for your support.