Culture defines the character of an organisation and how it functions. It is a collective mindset woven of values and beliefs, the basis upon which employees interact and work. When an organisation aligns itself to a value-driven environment, it is able to bring together its employees to work toward a common mission. Having a roadmap for exactly what that culture looks like is the key to making sure employees are all heading in the right direction.

In order to strengthen the bonds between management and employees and to develop strong leadership capabilities, many organisations today are defining or redefining their value roadmaps with an intent to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, financial success and continued growth.

Developing the Culture Roadmap

Developing a culture roadmap is ideally a combined effort between the leadership team and the HR department.

The first step for an organization is listing out all the important values and beliefs to be included in the culture map. This will also include fresh processes and methods, different styles of working, and new behaviours and mindsets.

It is important that the organisation’s leadership be in complete agreement with the value system that is being introduced and take the lead in practising it. Taking an active role in implementing the company culture will encourage the rest of the organisation to follow suit.

How Sannam S4 Can Help

Company culture is a fundamental part of the company’s identity, that will help employees align themselves with this identity and forge a cohesive work environment. We can help by:

  • Envisioning, planning, and managing organisation-wide transformation programmes
  • Providing solutions designed within a flexible framework that can accommodate the shifting cultural landscape
  • Providing strong oversight, ensuring that the changes are understood, adopted, and maintained over time
  • Planning and executing change management initiatives with precision for more predictable results

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