Businesses today are no longer restricted by geography. The Internet has enabled even the smallest of businesses to sell their products and services worldwide. At the other end, new markets have opened up for business in the past few years. The Indian market is fast becoming the preferred destination for business as companies are looking to capitalise on all that untapped potential.

Originally seen as a detour for low-cost outsourcing and cheap labour, the perception has been changing over the past decade. The Indian economy has been seeing an upward growth during this period. In 2019, India moved up 14 places to 63rd position in the World Bank’s ‘Ease of Doing Business’ ranking. Yet, the country proves to be a mixed bag for companies looking to gain entry into the lucrative Indian market.

Here’s what businesses looking to succeed in India should expect. With its ups and downs, expect it to be an eventful journey.

Wrapping Up

India is working hard to drive improvements in the business environment and that is expected to continue. In reality, the process to set up and run a business is still onerous compared to many markets around the world. However, rather than be put off by this, resource appropriately, take advice and seek support. The opportunity India presents is too significant to not consider.

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