Dr. Maina Singh

Liberal Arts, Designing Hybrid & Online courses

Location: India

Dr. Maina Chawla Singh, currently Scholar in Residence, American University, Washington DC, is a leading academic, researcher and speaker. She has over 25 years of experience as faculty and advisor at premier universities  in India, the USA, and Israel. Dr. Singh has been an invited speaker at prestigious institutions including Oxford, Yale, and Cornell Universities; Tel  Aviv University, Israel; The Kennedy Center and the Library of Congress, Washington DC.

Dr. Singh is an internationally published author of two academic books and several research articles in peer-reviewed journals. She serves on the Editorial Board of a UK-based journal. Dr Singh’s area of expertise is Liberal Arts and she has been faculty at Georgetown University, American University, Washington DC, Colorado College; Tel Aviv and Haifa Universities (Israel) and University of Delhi and IILM University (India). Her research and publications span multidisciplinary topics in Literature, History, Gender Studies, Indian Diaspora and Identity Studies, and Israel Studies.

Dr. Singh has credentials in designing hybrid and online courses from American University, Washington DC. During 2018-19, when IILM University, Gurugram was established, Dr Singh was an advisor in designing and teaching Liberal Arts courses including “Critical Thinking” and “Gender, Youth and Identity”. Dr Singh served as the Founding Director of IILM’s Centre for Teaching, Research and Learning. 

During 2019-2021, Dr Singh has delivered several trainings/webinars on “Research and Publication Skills” and “Re-thinking Pedagogy: Transitioning to Digital Classrooms”; and a series on “Study Abroad”. Dr. Singh has wide cross-cultural experience having lived in India, the USA, Israel, Japan, France, Russia and Ethiopia. She is passionate about international education, and Ed-tech.  Her experience with universities across different geographies, enables a multi-layered perspective on the shifting paradigms in higher education. She is a polyglot with fluency in English, Hindi, Urdu, Russian, and Punjabi.