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We are delighted to introduce the December issue of EduChat. This edition offers a mixture of news and analysis on a wide range of higher education-related topics such as implications of Bolsonaro’s victory in Brazil’s higher education, China’s focus on Artificial Intelligence, India’s new initiative for promoting innovation in higher education institutions, etc.

Besides these, we have added two reports: “Motivations, Ambitions and Expectations of Indian applicants” for studying abroad and the recommendations of the UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group for International Students (APPG) for the sustainable growth of the higher education sector.

We hope that you will them useful in the context of emerging international student mobility and recruitment trends.
Best wishes and thank you in advance for your feedback which would help us to improve the quality and impact of the forthcoming issues.

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Motivations, Ambitions and Expectations of Indian applicants

This report investigates how the subject choices of Indian applicants relate to three key areas including; motivations specific to the region, the importance of subject reputation and perceptions about the international academic experience. The research for this report was conducted in India during the QS World Grad School Tour 2017, and encompasses 32 focus groups, 50+ individual interviews and 600+ survey responses. The cities covered include Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.

APPG Inquiry Report: A Sustainable Future for International Students in the UK

The report makes 12 recommendations for restoring the UK’s competitiveness in the international education sector. It is the first report to bring together recommendations to share growth across all areas of the UK and all levels of education, including universities, colleges, schools and English-language providers.

News and Analysis


Bolsonaro Victory: What are the implications for higher education?

While on the campaign trail, Bolsonaro vowed to crack down on academic freedom and to abolish the most sweeping affirmative action policies for universities.

Former astronaut is Brazil’s next science minister

Marcos Pontes, the new minister of science and technology,had spent a week on the International Space Station in March 2006.

Brazil’s election of Bolsonaro leaves researchers reeling

There are fears that science funding in Brazil will dry up, along with academic freedom, after Bolsonaro assumes the presidency.


Peking University to build a new AI-focused campus

Peking University will build a new campus focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) amid a global battle to train and attract more talent in the race for supremacy in what has been described as the fourth industrial revolution.

China is fast becoming the next AI-DNA powerhouse

Beijing invests heavily in the hope that AI combined with genomics will give it a vital edge over America.

China’s scientists overworked and underpaid compared with other professions, survey

While there are generous packages on offer for returning overseas Chinese scientists, the home-grown variety are feeling overworked and underpaid, according to a survey by the China Association for Science and Technology.


Barriers to Internationalising India’s Higher Education

Recent initiatives may help the IITs attract more foreign students and teachers to their institutions. However, challenges remain, especially for hiring scientists and those in the technology sector.

Barriers to Internationalising India’s Higher Education

Recent initiatives may help the IITs attract more foreign students and teachers to their institutions. However, challenges remain, especially for hiring scientists and those in the technology sector.

HRD Ministry launches innovation cell for higher education institutions

The purpose is to encourage, inspire and nurture young students by exposing them to new ideas and processes resulting in innovative activities in their formative years.


Human capital challenges for Malaysia

The increasing availability of tertiary educated Malaysians does not seem to have reduced the appetite for importing labour.

Malaysia Launches Blockchain Certificate Verification to Combat Degree Fraud

The Ministry of Education is turning to blockchain technology to combat degree fraud in order to maintain the integrity and reputation of universities.

Prime Minister hopes Japanese universities will open in Malaysia

Dr. Mahathir Mohamad expressed hope that Japanese universities will open branches in Malaysia to enable Malaysian students to not only be exposed to Japan’s education system but also to learn its culture.


Dubai Health Authority to launch new Medical Education Strategy

The new strategy will ensure that staff are updated with the latest international medical practices.

55,000 foreign students in UAE universities: Minister

In an interview, the Minister explained that business management courses topped the list of specialisations in demand from foreign students, followed by engineering and environmental and health sciences.

Durham student Matthew Hedges pardoned by UAE

Mr Hedges, a doctoral research at Durham University, travelled to the region earlier this year to interview contacts about Middle Eastern foreign policy and security issues.

U.S.-India Knowledge Exchange

The U.S. – India Knowledge Exchange convenes the leading minds in academia, innovation, public policy, the private sector, non-profit and philanthropy from both countries. The purpose of this Sannam S4 – led initiative is to foster greater cooperation and collaboration on a range of topics of mutual interest and benefit, focused on generating tangible outputs with substantial impact. Stay up-to-date on relevant info for USIKE by subscribing to The Exchange newsletter:

Higher Education Delegation to India

The U.S.-India Knowledge Exchange (USIKE), supported by Sannam S4 and the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF), will lead a delegation of leading U.S. universities to India in January 2019 to attend meetings with senior members of the Government of India, Indian State government officials, local institutions, corporations and research funding bodies. Read more
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