Ravneet Bassi

Head of Human Capital 

Career planning: How to get a step ahead in the Indian job market

India’s huge youth population, 365 million between 10 and 24 years of age, underlines the importance of all forms of education and employability. While India attempts to build capacity in its domestic Higher Education system, pursuing Higher Education overseas remains a viable option for some. The key driver for students enrolling for education overseas is Employability and the ability to stay back and work. However, in many cases, individuals head back home. Securing a role on return from overseas remains a key challenge.

In this context, Sannam S4’s study of Indian employers and returning international graduates is an important research project initiated by its Education team. This study presents the perception of overseas degrees by Indian employers, juxtaposed with the aspirations of the overseas educated Indian graduates.

Sannam S4 is now engaging with international universities to conduct webinars with the objective of guiding returning graduates on the Indian job landscape, what to expect, and how to be ready for the Indian job market.

During these webinars, we focus on the following:  

  • How to best prepare for the world of work in India?
  • The current trends – jobs that are in, locations in India for best graduate jobs, recruitment timing 
  • Skills/competencies individuals need to evidence
  • What experience do India employers value?
  • What knowledge do students need to demonstrate at the interviews?
  • What does the selection process look like and how to best prepare for this?
  • Identifying jobs and opportunities and the best networking tips to engage with employers

To make these webinars more valuable for students, we have an Indian employer and alumni of the universities as our co-panelists. Their real-time experience in hiring international graduates, getting the job on their return to India respectively are insightful and helpful for all the returning graduates.