When it comes to assessing the career trajectory or the magnitude of experience one can possibly acquire in a competitive industry like education, what possibilities can eight months hold? Some would perhaps even dismiss eight months as being ‘not long enough’ for a substantial career escalation. But I have a completely different story to tell. My eight months at Sannam S4 have been challenging, rewarding, fulfilling and mostly a time of exponential growth- both personal and professional. These eight months have opened a slew of infinite possibilities.

I am Riddhi Khurana currently working as a Project Officer in the Central Education Team. I joined the organisation in the month of August 2019, with a mixed feeling of apprehension and enthusiasm. Initially, meeting and interacting with the team, who had served the industry for most of their lives was a little overwhelming as I was fresh out of my Master’s program. But soon enough, my fears of being a novice were transformed into my capabilities as a Project Officer.

The sheer breadth of experiences and exposure to new kinds of work enabled me to develop depth in my skillset. In the beginning, I was allocated out-station travel for a US university and some backend work for the organisation and a couple of other university projects. These tasks acquainted me with the nitty-gritties of the workspace and enabled me to gain an understanding of the minute details of how the industry works. I took this exposure of new beginnings with a sincere heart of responsibility along with the constant support and guidance from my line managers. There were times when making reservations was a task, when creating marketing plans seemed unending and building a market rapport for the university seemed an uphill battle. But with the strong support system of seniors who advised, helped and praised me at every step of the ladder, I became confident in navigating my way in the industry.

Soon enough, I was assigned a Canadian university for a six-month project.  From working on full-time recruitment in India to organizing webinars, representing the university at educational fairs and engaging/collaborating with school counselors in multiple cities across the country — the spectrum of my professional and personal skills took a tremendous hike. I developed my soft skills like communicating with people, enhanced my organizational skills by meticulously planning for events and strengthened my Public Relations through the successful conversion of applicants. Juggling with approximately five different university projects at once and managing work portfolio across a range of skillsets, the eight months at SannamS4 have been an exponential learning curve.

The experiences of my professional life at SannamS4 for the past eight months, has given me infinite opportunities to unfold my capabilities, refine my strengths and work even harder under the brace of my fellow advisors. The core of each individual at SannamS4 resonates with abundant humanistic values of compassion and passion for expanding the business with a strong work ethic and moral uprightness. I am now, on this inspirational path of learning to balance work-life and working hard towards excelling in the field. Last but not least, the privilege of working and being led by some of the most inspiring and strong women I’ve ever met is something I’d be forever indebted to SannamS4!

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