With the dawn of a new decade, the world is unexpectedly dealing with one of the worst health crises in recent memory – COVID-19. In the words of French President Emmanuel Macron 1 : “We are at war, certainly a health war…We are not fighting against an army or against another nation. But the enemy is there, invisible, elusive, advancing. And this requires our general mobilization.”

In response of this pandemic, businesses, institutions and agencies have had to take an iterative approach and rethink short-term strategies, revenue projections and operations. Global organisations with an international footprint are dealing with more complex situations as a result of quickly changing government advice, international travel embargos, mass re-scheduling of face-to-face events, supply
chain interruptions and more. Severe liquidity challenges are emerging as businesses face dramatic changes, forcing governments to consider how to protect their economies.

With one of the highest populations in the world, the Indian government has taken aggressive action to manage the pandemic outbreak and its effect on business and its population. This response includes taking action in a variety of areas in order to help businesses navigate and sustain operations and initiatives during turbulent times.

What then, does a global firm need to do in this time of crises? In this webinar, practitioners from Sannam S4 will explore key questions, solutions and areas where firms are experiencing changes in running global operations, focusing particularly on the financial, reporting and tax & regulatory compliances in India.

We will cover:

  •  The most up-to-date situation in India
  • Constraints presented by the financial year cycles
  • Changes introduced (and being discussed) in tax, regulatory and financial systems (by state and federal governments)
  • Exploring overall strategies and solutions that are needed to combat and mitigate risks
  • Keeping an eye on ‘silver linings’


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