The next Sannam S4 COVID-19 audiocast will focus on financial and reporting considerations for organizations with subsidiaries in India.

As institutions, agencies, companies and non-profits learn and adapt strategies to combat the effects of this pandemic, one area demanding particular attention is cash flow, revenue and expense management, as well as internal and external reporting.

This is a dynamic process as the Reserve Bank of India (India’s apex Central Bank), the Stock Exchange Board of India (SEBI), and the Ministries of Finance, Commerce and Industry are regularly announcing changes that are impacting or providing relaxations in the above areas.

In this audiocast, practitioners from Sannam S4 will explore key issues and potential strategies where global firms are experiencing challenges in managing financial and reporting considerations for their businesses in India. We will cover:

1. Relaxations provided by the Government of India for companies and entities;
2. Challenges emanating as a result of countrywide lockdown and possible solutions thereof;
3. Cash flow and budget management strategies;
4. Evaluating expenses and revenue, including funding projections;
5. Contractual obligations and negotiations; and
6. Financial & reporting requirements given the financial year end in India.

Where constructive suggestions arise from the audiocast, Sannam S4 will happily liaise with respective government channels to ensure these views are represented. To support this, in a pre-call survey, please free to submit any suggestions or questions.

We look forward to you joining us with this audiocast.


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