Thank you to those who could join us for the webinar. In this webinar we shared some of the recent updates from Government GST council meetings on rates and registrations- which is an important next step for foreign organizations doing business in India.

Experts provided deeper understanding on how GST (Goods & Services Tax) rates and compliance will impact your business in India and how foreign organizations needs to be ready for the new law, the following key points were discussed:

  • What is tax rate structure proposed under GST?
  • How can a registration under GST be obtained?
  • What do I need to do next?
  • How do I do assess impact once GST is effective from April 1st, 2017?
  • How do we ensure that all steps are taken during the transition phase to smoothly integrate GST with current systems?

Thank you for your interest and joining us for this important discussion.  Please let us know how we can be helpful as your institutions explore opportunities. Please feel free to write to us at consult@sannams4.com.




The comments set forth in this webinar (written and verbal) are meant to educate participants on the key aspects relevant to the webinar topic on a macro-level. None of the comments (written or verbal) should represent any advice, nor seen as the Company or speaker(s) binding interpretation of the economic or political situation in the country. Our views are also not binding on any government authority and there is no assurance that authorities will not take a position contrary to our comments. We disclaim any liability from participants construing our views as a professional advice or opinion.
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