GST Webinar: Goods & Services Tax

If you’re in finance or accountancy role overseeing your company’s taxation on goods and services obligations in India, then GST webinar on goods and services tax is for you. The new Goods and Services Tax (GST) enacted in India is the single largest tax reform post liberalisation era on the Indian soil.

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) also known as ‘Good and Simple’ tax is primarily focused towards enhanced transparency and to bring the unorganised sector into the ambit of the organised sector, through this single yet powerful legislation.

In this webinar, our experts discussed the following:

  • Objectives behind GST
  • GST framework – a high-level glimpse
  • For and against GST
  • What is in it there for me
  • Q&A

For a deeper understanding of how GST will impact your business in India, please watch the recording of the GST Webinar: goods & services tax in India.

Missed the webinar? Watch here:


Amit Sood
Head of Financial Consulting
Sannam S4

Brian Hyland

Brian Hyland
Senior Manager – Business Development
(UK & Ireland)
Sannam S4

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