There are a total of 1036 universities, 41,901 colleges, and 10,726 stand-alone institutions in India – making it the third-largest higher education market in the world. The new National Education Policy has paved the way for transformative reforms in the sector by addressing the growing aspirations of Indian students to access a world-class education. For the second edition of our NEP Webinar Series, we invite Dr. NV Varghese, Vice-Chancellor of the National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration, to decode the key policy changes proposed regarding Higher Education. We will be covering key topics like:

  • Institutional restructuring and consolidation of Indian universities and colleges
  • Structure and lengths of degree programmes
  • HECI: A single regulator for higher education
  • National Research Foundation
  • Moves towards Internationalisation

About the Speaker

Dr NV Varghese is the Vice-Chancellor of the National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration. He was also the Head of Governance and Management in Education at IIEP/UNESCO. He was also the Secretary-General at IIEP where he was responsible for the Secretariat of the International Working Group on Education (IWGE) as well.

With a doctoral degree in Economics and specialization in educational planning, he introduced the IIEP Masters programme in educational planning and management. He also managed the Asian Network of Training and Research Institutions in Educational Planning (ANTRIEP). Dr Varghese has directed many research projects and published several books and research papers, articles, and reports on higher education.

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