Sannam S4 is closely monitoring information related to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) worldwide.

In India, at the time of writing (12 March), 73 cases have been reported, 16 of whom are Italian tourists. However, the Government of India is making comprehensive arrangements to deal with the potential spread and impact of the virus in the country. There are screening centres set up in 21 airports across the country and public health campaigns.

At Sannam S4 we are focused on ensuring our university partners face as little disruption as possible. Learning from the advanced situation which has unfolded in China, we are therefore delivered the following webinar on 11th March 2020.

The webinar highlighted the steps institutions can take now to ensure the September 2020/ January 2021 pipeline is protected as far as possible, in case your institution imposes travel restrictions or if India sees an escalation leading to the cancellation of events, quarantines, etc.

The webinar included:

  1. Strategies on conversions, outreach and engagement, including takeaways from preparing and responding to the Coronavirus thus far
  2. New pools of students
  3. Tier 2 and 3 cities in India based on Sannam S4 research
  4. Changing regulations for online delivery in India
  5. Additional intakes based on examination results – a possibility?

Our experts provided up to date, critical information and more valuable advice which will help protect your institution’s interest in India in the light of this rapidly evolving situation.

If you have any questions, please contact us at connect@sannams4.com

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