The release of the new National Education Policy has released a wave of positivity, excitement, and debate In India and around the world about the future of the Indian Education System. At Sannam S4, we are honoured to host Dr. Leena Chandran Wadia, who served as a consultant on the NEP committee chaired by Dr. K Kasturirangan, for our first briefing session on the policy. During the webinar, we aim to cover how the new policy aims to reform the HE system, its impact on the internationalisation plans for Indian as well as foreign universities, and what it would take to implement the policy, now that it has been approved by the Union Cabinet. Dr. Wadia will also share her personal experience of working with the committee over the past few months and how they compiled over 200,000 recommendations received from all over the country during the formulation of the final policy document.

About the Speaker

Leena Chandran Wadia is a Senior Fellow at ORF’s Mumbai Centre. She has been leading the Mumbai Centre’s research and policy advocacy in education since 2010. Most recently, she was a Consultant with the Committee on the National Education Policy chaired by Dr. K. Kasturirangan.

Since her move to ORF in 2010, she has been engaged in research and policy advocacy on a wide range of topics in education and has produced several in-depth research reports on topics such as ICT in education, medical education, and engineering education, among others. She has also worked and published in the areas of renewable energy, sustainable agriculture.

Leena served on the task force set up by the Karnataka Knowledge Commission in June 2015 to prepare the Karnataka State Education Policy. She received her PhD in Physics from IISc Bangalore and did her postdoctoral work at ETH Zurich in the area of high-performance computing.

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