Vision: To become one of the world’s leading companies, bringing innovation to improve the way the world works and lives.

Mission: Helping our clients create the future.

Have you ever wondered why an organisation must have a strong vision and mission statement? Or why it should elaborately list its values?

The Importance of Vision, Mission and Values

The vision and mission statements depict the purpose and ambition of an organisation and help direct its resources to a common goal.  Although both are often said in the same breath, they are distinct from one another.

A vision statement defines the future path of an organisation: its ultimate goal and what it is going to be known for.

A mission statement defines the current state of the organisation, its milestones and how it is going to achieve them. The mission statement ultimately enables the firm to achieve its vision.

Values inform the vision and mission as a set of guidelines intended to build the character of an organisation. They also indicate how the firm will stand up and operate within society.

Unfortunately, organisations sometimes lack well-defined mission or vision statements or may combine both. This creates confusion and makes it difficult for the company to achieve larger goals and objectives.  That is why it is very important for companies to discuss and meticulously develop their mission and vision statements as well as a set of values.

How Sannam S4 Can Help

Sannam S4 supports organisations with their HR strategies and philosophies. Whether it is developing a company’s vision or mission statement from scratch or redefining them to align with the company’s goals and aspirations, Sannam S4 does it all. We can help by:

  • Developing an HR strategy and philosophy aligned with the firm’s business goals to support organisational growth while delivering high-value talent
  • Aligning HR investments with the firm and improving controls
  • Accommodating the disparate financial, tax, data privacy and labour laws along with HR support
  • Assisting in drafting guiding principles and values for the firm, prioritising professional, personal and ethical conduct to keep customers’ interests in mind and ensure they receive unparalleled services

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