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Bharat Rampal

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Economy & Reforms

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Government exploring sugar cess and a GST cut on ethanol.

India to push for local manufacturing of API’s, reduce dependence on China.

India food regulator FSSAI proposes to ban advertisement of HFSS food (High Fat, Salt & Sugar) for children.

Source: Livemint

Source: Mondaq

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 Indian economy to grow 7.2% in FY ’18-19.

 New Delhi plans ‘India first’ policy to protect battery industry.


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Airbus offers to set up global production hub in India for Panther Helicopter.

Lockheed Martin sees India as next big aerospace, defence hub.

Boeing’s Make in India pitch for selling 110 jets to Indian Air Force.

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Lenovo eyes making smart wearables in India, higher market share.

Dassault Aviation executive committee discusses ‘Make in India’.

Source: Livemint

Doing Business in India (Market Entry, Mergers & Acquisition and Joint Ventures)

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Thomson to mark its re-entry in India.

World toiletries leader Fluidmaster makes entry in India.

New smartphone player Tambo enters India, sets sight on budget segment.

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Lulu Group to invest $2 billion in India

Taiwanese firms eager to invest in india; more tie-ups in the offing

Boost for Make in India 

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Make in India knee for joint replacement surgeries.

Mobile manufacturing to touch $199 million.

French defence company Thales plans to double footprint in India

Source: NDTV

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IT Ministry plans mega electronics manufacturing SEZ in all states.

Airbus shortlists eight states for helicopter assembling facility.

Source: DNA India

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