Ishrat Jahan

International Student Recruitment

Location: USA

An international student mobility specialist, Ishrat brings a decade of experience supporting higher education institutions with student recruitment strategies and brand promotion to international audiences. As Sannam S4’s Senior Manager of Education (North America), working alongside Krista North, Director of Education (North America), Ishrat serves as a solution and strategies professional to educational institutions in the US and Canada supporting international student recruitment, enrollment, research collaborations, and partnerships between international entities. A strong advocate for international education and exchange, Ishrat uses her passion for problem-solving to assist institutions in creating viable opportunities and access for students and scholars.

Prior to working with Sannam S4, Ishrat served as the US Department of State’s EducationUSA Regional Educational Advising Coordinator (REAC) for South and Central Asia for seven years, attracting prospective international students to US higher education, expanding the EducationUSA program, establishing partnerships, offering student mobility solutions to governments, developing new services, and advising US higher education institutions. Based in India, she provided professional leadership, training, strategic solutions, and expertise in educational advising issues to EducationUSA centers, consultants, partner organizations, and US embassies in 11 countries. Ishrat collaborated with industry organizations and associations (including the US Department of Commerce, NACAC, NAFSA, IIE) to address student mobility challenges and informed on solutions to US higher education institutions, US Department of State, and US embassies.