Sannam S4 and Larive International organised a workshop along with 2030 Water Resources Group’s (World Bank subsidiary) on 2nd of May 2017 in Bengaluru (Karnataka State). The Government of Karnataka and 2030 WRG launched the Karnataka Multi-Stakeholder Platform for water which is one of the largest Drip Irrigation Project: Ramthal Drip to Market Agro Corridor (DMAC).

Water is increasingly becoming a scarce commodity, as per 2030 Water Resources Group’s hydro-economic analyses there would be a big increase in water demand across sectors in Karnataka by 2030. Massive improvements are needed in agricultural productivity and efficient irrigation. Population growth and urbanization are projected to widen the urban water demand-supply gap in Karnataka from 24% (2011) to 58% (2030), with the Greater Bangalore region accounting for two-thirds of the additional urban water demand in 2030 (2030 WRG, 2014).

State Government officials from Department of Agriculture, Horticulture and Water were present and addressed the invitees/delegates on the project and way forward. The workshop witnessed a grand success with the presence of around 100 visitors from Water Users Associations, farmers associations, private sector players, major food processing companies of India, aggregators, exporters, suppliers of agriculture products and Ministry of Agriculture & Horticulture.

Overwhelmed by the positive response of the Ramthal DMAC Workshop, the Government has taken a step forward in actualizing the concept which was once designed. Following the success recently, Sannam S4 and Larive along with the Government of Karnataka has organised a field visit for private sector companies (aggregators, exports, food processing companies, retailers and suppliers of agro products) to the Ramthal area in Hungund, wherein several aspects with relation to signing an MoU between the private sector players and farmers, way ahead were discussed in subsequent forums.

We are working very closely with the group on this great initiative by The Government of Karnataka and 2030 WRG along with our partner Larive International.

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Drip Irrigation project in India

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