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Established in 2008, Sannam S4’s c300 employees, representing eleven nationalities, proudly serve and collaborate with the world’s leading corporations, globally ambitious small and medium-sized companies, education institutions, non-profit, trade bodies, and government agencies to enhance their international agenda’s.

In an era of the COVID pandemic, Sannam S4’s mission has become more important than ever. 

Our international trade and investment teams are focused on driving bilateral economic prosperity, creating valuable jobs in the countries and sectors which need them most at a time where companies cannot send their teams overseas so rely on our in-country local expertise. 

Our market-leading education practice is hard at work a) serving international students who seek an overseas education through our student recruitment services, b) we are the preferred partner to many of the world’s top research focused universities (including almost half of the world’s top twenty ranked institutions according to the 2021 THE Rankings) supporting their valuable research and field operations in areas such as healthcare, clean water and sanitation, gender equality, innovation and entrepreneurship, the environment and climate change, agriculture and cleantech and c) we are rethinking and implementing major changes to the internationalisation of higher education through our work in transnational education.

In 2021 our non-profit practice has become more relevant (and busier) than ever before. Sannam S4 is proud to serve dozens of the world’s leading not for profit organisations, donor agencies and foreign government aid programs. Our role is to facilitate the international market expansion and with it the establishment of local legal entities,  the management and talent acquisition of local staff and an adherence to strong governance through project and organizational monitoring and evaluation.  

Our government affairs team work side by side with foreign governments to constantly improve public policy and they proactively encourage project and funding activities to enhance international student mobility, instigate international field research, reduce and remove trade and investment barriers to improve prosperity and remove barriers for non profit organisations seeking to carry out their valuable work internationally. 

Why Sannam S4 Believes in Attracting and retaining Talented Women?

Established in 2008, Sannam S4 works with the world’s leading corporates, globally ambitious small and medium-sized companies, education institutions, non-profit, trade bodies, and government agencies. In the last 12 years, the company has served more than 350 international clients to explore, enter, and expand into a range of dynamic markets. The company has seen a rapid growth of more than 20% year on year and so has the workforce strength of the company. Since 2015, the manpower has multiplied by almost 4 times, comprising a blend of national and international professionals, to support key roles in the business. The heartbeat of the business is in India. READ MORE..

Working at Sannam S4 through COVID

As the COVID crisis hit in early 2020, we realised the world would change and we had to change with and ahead of it. Within two weeks of the pandemic being recognised as an international issue we began organising our regional teams into a global taskforce. In early 2020 we re-imagined our business to become the type of company we felt our clients, partners and stakeholders would need from us in the future. This led to the largest investment in people, learning and development, technology and product, service and market expansion in the company’s 13 year history. We increased our global workforce by 20%, hiring new staff in the USA, U.K., UAE, India, Malaysia and Australia. We appointed new Group Board members, regional and divisional Managing Directors and launched an exciting and highly successful international internships program and we proudly opened new offices in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia and Sydney – Australia.

Key initiatives focussed on talent by Sannam S4 since early 2020 include

  • A 90 Day Task Force at the start of the pandemic which hailed internal collaboration across borders, across hierarchies and across divisions fostering working groups which included everyone from our interns and junior staff working actively with our Non Executive Directors, CEO and founder and international executive team;
  • Numerous targeted LinkedIn programs focused on the development of professional skills across the business;
  • The investment in and development of our Center of Excellence, a unique initiative to ensure our education professionals are trained, recognised and accredited as the best at what they do in the sector and to provide a formal and fast track learning environment to train talent from outside the education sector to become strong contributors to our dynamic, mission driven education team;
  • A Raise Your Game professional development program to enhance leadership thinking;
  • Group wide technology training and function improvement program on our G-suite, Sales-Force and Finance enterprise platforms;
  • A global strategic review led by Roger Martin  –  recently recognised by Thinkers50 as the world’s #1 management thinker, adopting his corporate “Playing to Win philosophy;
  • Implementation of industry-leading sales training company, RAIN Group who are in the Selling Power and Training Industries’ Top 20 Sales Training Companies and who have won prestigious Stevie awards for Sales Training Practice of the Year and Sales Trainer of the Year;
  • A Leadership for Women initiative to enable our female staff to be the very best professionals they can be, with enhanced support for their career development giving them every opportunity to reach the summit at Sannam S4;
  • A Bright Young Talent program to identify, formally develop and accelerate the careers of the brightest, most ambitious and highest potential generation Z;
  • A super flexible “work from home  – the world is your office” approach;
  • And much more…

We recognise talent as our number one asset and as such we continue to invest in our people and increasingly supplement their capabilities through enhanced technology adoption.

If these initiatives inspire you, if you are currently working at an organization which has stagnated, is under investing in its people, or doesn’t motivate you or provide you with opportunities to be a better version of your personal or professional self each and every day, reach out to our Talent team for an exploratory conversion on how Sannam S4 may be exactly the career opportunity you are looking for! 

The Tajness Competition

Say Taj Hotel, and these words simply bring up images of – royalty, Indian heritage, authentic original palaces, landmark hotels, world-class hospitality, impeccable services, and much more. With a legacy of over 117 years, Taj indeed is an undisputed leader in the Indian hospitality sector. Now, imagine you were residing at one of the Taj properties when the 90-day Covid-19 lockdown was announced! What would you do? This is exactly what we posed as a question to our team members. We asked them – ‘To Imagine!’ To let loose their wildest imagination and come up with fascinating stories, where they could time-travel to different eras and stay at any of the Taj properties they chose. The Sannam S4 “Tajness” Competition, was held in collaboration with our strategic partner, The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL)., saw an enthusiastic response.

Capture Moments and Create Memories

While staying at home, this was one of the best times to capture and create heartfelt family memories and cherish the time forever. Employees were kind to share pics/videos of their families being involved in cooking, enjoying nature, celebrating birthdays and singing songs for their colleagues etc.

2020: 20 Recipes from Sannam S4

COVID-19 lockdown has given us the opportunity to spend more time with our loved ones and explore interests we have always wanted to. Since most of us love cooking and had been spending a lot of time cooking for ourselves and our loved ones, ‘Sannam S4 Chilli Recipe Book’ was announced to allow an opportunity for Employees to have their chef’s hat on and get their amazing recipes featured in it.

Flaunt your Home Office Space

The pandemic gave us an opportunity to craft our own office space at home, the space that is completely based on our choice, our style and our way to promote concentration and creativity for the work we do. Following this, Employees were encouraged to share images of their “Inspiring work space at home.

Online Yoga Sessions

In order to promote social distancing and practice self-care and empowerment while working from home due to the lockdown, virtual yoga sessions were organised via Google Hangouts by a yoga therapist and holistic lifestyle coach every Thursday with an aim to focus on mental and physical health.

Work with us

If you are ambitious, inquisitive, self driven and would like to consider yourself a valued part of the international trade, education or non profit community, Sannam S4 could be the palace for you. No matter what stage at your career, from fresher to seasoned executives, our mission driven growth and expansion agenda means we are constantly on the lookout for colleagues like you.