Enabling organisations to successfully explore, enter and expand into dynamic, high-growth markets throughout the world has been our forte since our inception in 2008. Till date, we have catered to over 350 organisations from USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia and New Zealand to venture in to India, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, UAE, Mexico, Brazil, Europe, Nepal, China, Japan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

We have a deeply blended mix of local and foreign professionals, with substantial cross–border experience, who can seamlessly act as a bridge between your business and your target market. Providing in-country expertise and a range of practical support services in key overseas markets, Sannam S4 supports international organisations, national governments, and universities to establish or expand their business internationally.

Sectors we support

Corporate: We partner with corporates by becoming their preferred local support in the country they choose to operate in. Within this ambit, we dedicate sector experienced local teams who will help establish your local legal entity, thus taking care of the governance issues, compliances, tax risks and even the recruitment associated with the market entry or expansion.  

Government: We advise national governments on their trade and investment strategies in emerging markets. We also work with government agencies to develop apt platforms for their domestic companies to export and run in-country programs, with a view to attracting inward investment from overseas markets.

Education: We support educational institutions with their international strategy, global operations, research and partnership agendas, student success and alumni welfare, compliance management and risk mitigation, and other diverse and critical requirements.

Non-Profits: We help non-profits organisations, NGOs and Trade Associations establish and develop local chapters in key international markets. We enable them to increase their local membership and operate with strict adherence to compliances. 

Our Services

As an international to in-country firm, we have a fully-integrated suite of services to ensure continuity and success of your business in any market. Whether you are planning to explore a new market or expand business locally or globally, our focus is to take care of the critical, complicated and time-consuming administrative aspects associated with it like market research, business and strategy development, taxation and compliances, HR processes and recruitments. With these in control, we free you up to focus on your core competencies.

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