May 29 – June 2 2017


Sannam S4 team at networking reception


Sannam S4 joined the NAFSA 2017 Conference, the largest international education summit in the world, to connect with our partners and constituents from all over the globe. This year the annual conference was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center which gathered over 10,000 participants from over 100 countries.

Represented by Sannam S4’s experts at the conference were CEO Adrian Mutton, Executive Director & Head of Education Lakshmi Iyer, and Director of Education Krista Northup. Our experts have been going to the NAFSA Conference and Expo for over 16 years combined, contributing to the team’s overall expertise in international education. Joined with our experts in LA were team members Ken Silverman, Head of North America Sannam S4 & U.S. Business Centers, Samantha Cerovich, International Education Consultant for North America, and M.C. Bones, Marketing Manager for North America.

The NAFSA Conference and Expo provided Sannam S4 to connect with its constituents across the world and to engage different institutions in their priorities of international expansion and international student recruitment.


Sannam S4
Krista Northup and Adrian Mutton at the India Pavilion

“Being able to have meetings with our clients from 10 different countries in the space of several days is hugely valuable to us” says Sannam S4, founder and Chief Executive Adrian Mutton. “These conversations provide us a valuable eagle’s view of the global outlook of cross border higher education where we are able to see the opportunities and the challenges all at once. What was highly encouraging is that even where our clients are facing challenges or head winds, we are collectively able to come up with approaches which will ensure their internationals agendas continue to advance positively.”


The conference program included an expansive schedule of learning sessions and programs ranging from “Strategies for Maximizing International Student Recruitment” to “Leadership for Comprehensive Internationalization.”


UK US Partnership Pic
U.K. – U.S. Higher Education Partnerships Report Commissioned by Sannam S4 and American Council on Education


One of the sessions attended by Sannam S4 staff was “Brexit: Implications for International Education” which greatly highlighted the question of the future of international education for the UK and the implications faced with Brexit. Panelists discussed the impact of the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union and how it will affect international education relationships and offerings with UK partners. Recently, Sannam S4 commissioned a report with American Council on Education finding colleges and universities in both countries see an impressive value in their bilateral ties. The report highlights a number of opportunities for this, starting with a clearer articulation of the value proposition and ensuring US projects receive equal publicity to ‘newer’ partnerships in more unusual or niche markets. Last week, Zoe Marlow our Head of Client Relations for Education and Krista Northup hosted a webinar discussing the UK US Higher Education Partnerships Report to discuss more in detail about the findings. To listen to the webinar click here. To download the report, click here.


Plenary Address Speaker Kareem Abdul-Jabbar


Over the week, Sannam S4 met with top international universities, education experts, companies and institutions from across the world.

“Each time I come to NAFSA, I feel very optimistic about our sector. NAFSA brings together the entire sector to openly debate and discuss the state of play. The mood is collaborative and is of getting the work done. We met our partners and had the opportunity to present our work to colleagues who are evaluating what Sannam S4 can offer them across the world. Obviously, there are concerns around insular politics, but the endeavor is to move beyond that and remain welcoming of international students and all that they bring to institutions. The #YouAreWelcomeHere campaign was prominent throughout NAFSA and there isn’t a better place than NAFSA for the same which welcomed over 9,000 education professionals from around the world to the United States,” says Lakshmi Iyer, Executive Director & Head of Education.


Sannam S4 team having fun at dinner with Steven Boyd from the University of Bridgeport


“NAFSA is one of the most important international education events of the year.  The sheer size and scope of the conference provides an opportunity to meet many current and prospective partners in one place, but there is also an incredible amount of information sharing that occurs throughout the week in sessions, in meetings, and during formal and informal networking.  The Sannam S4 team held over 50 formal meetings and gathered important trends, insights and perspectives to best inform the strategies and work we do,” says Krista Northup, Director of Education in North America.


Sannam S4 teammates Krista Northup & MC Bones with Jen Nielsen from The University of Queensland


This year Sannam S4 hosted its first ever Networking Reception for partners, constituents, and friends during the NAFSA conference at The Palm. The reception was a great way to reconnect with our colleagues who travelled around the world to be at the conference.

Now that the team is back at US headquarters, we are vigorously working on new proposals and strategies for our partners and constituents.

We’ll see you in 2018 at NAFSA in Philadelphia!

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