Necessary Statutory Registrations

All companies functioning in India must secure the following registrations in order to comply with basic statutory requirements as prescribed by the government.

# Governance Area Registration Purpose
1 Income Tax Permanent Account Number Mandatory income tax registration
2 Income Tax Tax Deduction Account Number For deduction and deposit of taxes on payments
3 Indirect tax Goods & Services Tax registration
For charge and deposit of tax liability on sale of goods or services within India.
Applicable if annual turnover exceeds INR 2 million (from provision of services) or INR 4 million (from sale of goods)
4 Customs Import Export Code For import or export of goods or services
5 Employment Laws Shops & Establishment registration for registered office and other any corporate office Regulation of working conditions, leaves etc.
6 Employment Laws State Profession Tax Payment of State profession tax liability

There may be additional registration requirements based on factors like industry, business activity and the state of operation. For example, manufacturing plants will also need to consider a variety of registrations covering factory licensing to environmental clearances.

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