Noreen Lucey

Partnership building, Diversity & Social enterprise expert

Location: Ireland

A member of the international education community, creating global partnership opportunities for colleges and universities across the higher education sector for over ten years. Noreen specialises in partnership building, diversity, social enterprises, gender equality and equal access to education. She has developed extensive international communication experience through having lived and worked across the world, including China, Latin America, USA, Australia and several countries within Europe.

She serves as a volunteer on the executive board of the Global Leadership League which promotes advancing women’s leadership skills, knowledge, and connections in the field of International Education.

She is a strong advocate for sustainability within our industry and believes there is a need and an opportunity for the international education sector to step up and act in a positive way towards climate change. She has just completed a degree in Sustainability in Enterprise with University College Cork and is a member of various climate action groups nationally and internationally.