Krista leverages her own transnational experience and expertise to support institutions with their international student recruitment activities, develop their research and partnership programs, build and manage their worldwide alumni chapters and implement and manage in-country projects overseas.

Leading the local education team in North America, Krista has the responsibility of ensuring Sannam S4’s North American partners achieve sustainable success wherever they are operating worldwide and ensures that Sannam S4’s international partners, who are seeking to increase their local engagement in the North American market, are well-advised and guided in order to capitalize on opportunities in the region.

Prior to Sannam S4, Krista was the Director of University Partnerships at Cambridge Education Group (CEG) where she was responsible for developing a number of strategic relationships between CEG and North American institutions, building long term sustainable recruitment and education pathways for international students.

Krista joined CEG from the State University of New York (SUNY) where she was Director of International Recruitment and Agency Operations. In her role at SUNY, Krista managed and implemented the university’s first-ever centralized student recruitment plan to increase international student enrollments across 64 state campuses and built strong recruitment channels in China, India Thailand, Vietnam, and S. Korea amongst others.

In addition to her knowledge of international student recruitment and partnerships, Krista gained tremendous experience of the international higher education landscape as the University of Melbourne’s (UoM) Regional Manager for North America. At UoM Krista directed the university’s international engagement strategy with North American university partners, industry associations (including AIEA, NAFSA, The Forum on Education Abroad, IIE, CBIE), government stakeholders and news media agencies. Krista also managed the university’s student recruitment program throughout the United States and Canada attracting students interested in studying in Australia.

Krista’s experience in international partnerships stems from her role at Australian Education International where she served as a primary liaison between North American and Australian education providers to establish and advance bilateral relationships. Her role required her to developed and implement strategic communication plans to guide and promote Australian education throughout the United States and Canada.

With tremendous experience in recruitment, partnership development, alumni management and establishing strong, sustainable international strategies, Krista is a highly respected advisor in the international higher education sector.

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