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Adrian Mutton discusses why it is important to invest in India right now on 2 Babes Talk Supply Chain Podcast

Did you know that trade between the US and India has increased by nearly 200% since 2005? The United States is India’s 2nd largest trading partner while India is the 9th largest goods trading partner of the United States. The US-India relationship is important to recognize that right now is the best time for US companies to invest in India. 31 states have more than 1,000 jobs dependent on exports to India, while an additional six states have 10,000 jobs or more. This numbers will continue to increase over the years.

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, making it a viable place for businesses and investors to explore, enter and expand into the market. Adrian Mutton features in 2 Babes Talk Supply Chain‘s Podcast addresses the new opportunities for foreign companies and businesses to enter the dynamic Indian market and how organizations can easily setup their enterprises there. Not only does Adrian discuss the opportunities in the India market, he also gives his opinion on the recent China delegation for President Trump. To listen to the full version, please click the video below.

2 Babes Talk Supply Chain is a podcast led by Sarah Barnes, Founder & Co-Host and Nick Garrett, who both have led many years in the supply chain and customs industries.





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