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Season 1: Reshaping International Student Recruitment In The Time of Coronavirus

The coronavirus challenge is unprecedented in both its reach and speed. In Season 1 of the Sannam S4 Podcast we’ll be looking at this, the only topic on everyone’s’ minds right now, and talking to a range of international experts each week about how it might reshape US – UK international student recruitment patterns.

Join host Zoe Marlow each week and jump into the debate by commenting on LinkedIn.

Episode 6: What’s Next for College Counselling? 

Lindsay Addington is Director of Global  Engagement, NACAC, the National Association for College Admission Counselling.

Lindsay is in conversation with Zoe on the potential rise in gap years, the future of standardized admission testing and the silver lining that coronavirus has brought our field.

Episode 5: Pivoting from On-location to Virtual Internships

Carri Orrison is Vice President of Operations at US internship provider Global Experiences (GE).

Carri is in conversation with Zoe on the value of international internships from an employability perspective and how GE has pivoted from offering an on-location internship to a virtual internship in just a few weeks.

Episode 4: Bringing Faculty into the Internationalisation Conversation.

Robin Matross Helms is the Deputy Chief Innovation Officer and Principal Internationalisation Strategist at the American Council on Education (ACE).

Robin is in conversation with Zoe this week. The blog she refers to at the beginning is “Can Internationalization Survive Coronavirus? You Need to See My Data”.

Episode 3: What are US students really talking about?

In the name of #lifelonglearning, we have something new on the podcast this week – a panel session with three of Sannam S4’s in-country reps in the US and their manager.

Jackie, Haley, Megan G and Megan B are in conversation with Zoe talking about what US students considering the UK for their UG or PG studies are really saying right now.

Episode 2: Social Media for US Millennials 

Tom Miner’s background includes periods in public sector and nonprofit social media as well as a gamechanging role as Head of Global Social Media at Crocs Shoes.

Join Tom in conversation with Zoe talking about moving a business from bricks and mortar to clicks, the big trends in US social media happening right now and three tips for institutions who want to use the current challenges to take a fresh look at their approach to social.

Episode 1: US Study Abroad

Jason Kinnear is Assistant Dean of Study Abroad and Exchanges at UNC-Chapel Hill, a super-experienced higher education professional in study abroad programme development and service-learning.

Join Jason in conversation with Zoe Marlow on the effect of coronavirus on the field of study abroad – for institutions, providers and students

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