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Season 2: International Student Recruitment in The Time of Coronavirus -Voices from India

As we come to terms with the new normal in the COVID affected world, Season 2 of the Sannam S4 Podcast brings to you “voices from India”. In this series we put the spotlight on our in-market representatives to enquire how India’s preferred study destinations are responding to the disruption caused in recruitment plans of universities.

Join host Anuradha Menon each week and jump into a debate by commenting on LinkedIn.

Episode 7: Demystifying Education Loans for International Students

Today’s episode is a special edition. It is based on a much sought-after and elusive topic – Education Loans.

Join our guests Mr. Ankit Mehra, Co-Founder, CEO, and Director at GyanDhan and Mr. Anand Subramaniam, Business head of Education Loans at the Bank of Baroda as both of them lead the session on demystifying education loans for international students.

The episode will help us know more about the role and contribution of banks in lending for education abroad, about how students should plan for education loans and most importantly, about the ways in which universities can co participate in the process for making it easier for banks to issue loans to students.

Episode 6: Voices from India.

In today’s episode, we have three students, sharing their experience of how it has been for them as prospective international students in times of COVID-19. Mustafa Vahanti has applied to a university in Australia for a graduate program. Radhika Chauhan and Sayam Kanwar have applied to a university in the USA for the Undergraduate program.

The episode is an endeavour to understand straight from the students, the challenges they have faced and the opportunities they have identified, this intake. It will also highlight certain suggestions they have for their destination country and the universities to support international students better.

Episode 5: International Education in the USA in times of COVID-19

In this episode, our guest, Shishir Upadhyay, is going to take us through the insights on how the space of International education in the USA is developing from the perspective of the Indian market.

Shishir is a strategy and marketing professional with over fourteen years’ experience in higher education and health care landscape across multiple functional areas. He is working as Senior International Adviser at Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

His extensive experience in the sphere of International Higher education and immense knowledge that he has about the Indian market will help us today to have much sought after information on the impact of COVID on International education in the USA.

Episode 4: How is International Education Evolving in New Zealand?

Our guest in this episode is Ankit Mehta. Ankit is the Regional Recruitment Adviser for the University of Canterbury. This episode will focus on how New Zealand is coming to terms with challenges posed by COVID-19.

Ankit has five years of experience working with Immigration New Zealand. Experience of knowing New Zealand up close in this duration inspired him to work in greater depth and contribute to its education sector. Today, Ankit will help us know more about how International education in New Zealand is evolving as we come to terms with COVID-19.

Episode 3: Impact of COVID on International Education in Australia

Join our host Anuradha in conversation with Anupama Ghai, as they explore how the Australian government and the institutes are gearing up to face the challenges that COVID poses and how the Indian market is responding to Australia as a study destination.

Anupama has been working with the University of Sydney as Principal Adviser, India. Her rich experience of 8 years in the education sector has seen her at the helm of many challenging and impactful projects. Anupama, with her experience, is just the person you would want to lend ears to, in order to get a pulse on the Indian market for international education.

Episode 2: International education in India vis-à-vis UK

In today’s episode, Shibani Mukherjee takes us through a journey to discover how international education is shaping up in India vis-à-vis UK.

Shibani has over 15 years of experience in the education sector. She is presently working with the University of Leeds as Regional Adviser- North, East India, and Bangladesh.

Episode 2 will look at various challenges and opportunities that UK universities face in India in times of COVID.

Episode 1: How is India responding to Canada as a study destination?

In this episode, we talk to Apratim Mukhopadhyay, our destination expert for Canada. Apratim is a seasoned International recruitment officer who has worked for the education sector in Australia and Canada. He is presently working with the University of Toronto, Canada.

Today, he shares his expert opinion on how India is responding to Canada as a study destination.

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