Washington, D.C.

February 14, 2020

Sannam S4 appoints Christine Potter as Director of Consulting, North America (Education, Nonprofit and CSR) and establishes New Global Operations Practice. 

Christine Potter, Director of Consulting, North America
(Education, Nonprofit and CSR)

Sannam S4 announced the appointment of Ms. Christine Potter as Director of Consulting, North America (Education, Nonprofit and CSR). Ms. Potter will lead a new “Global Operations” practice at Sannam S4 focused on providing expertise, insights and practical implementation support to educational institutions and nonprofit organisations operating worldwide.

The new Global Operations consulting practice, led by Ms. Potter, will offer informed advice, innovative strategies and technology solutions for clients engaged in international research and collaborations, executive and customized education, faculty consulting, development, and other strategic cross border activities. The practice will advise on social responsibility and social impact initiatives, optimizing multi-stakeholder partnerships to assist clients in making a meaningful impact on the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.

Ms. Potter joins Sannam S4 from Cornell University where she was the Executive Director of Global Operations. Ms. Potter established the university’s Global Operations office to consolidate institutional expertise and engage external support to underpin the university’s research, education, and other activities in more than 90 countries.

At Sannam S4, Ms. Potter will lead a team of international experts with demonstrable track records of establishing and managing well structured, compliant and effective global university and non-profit operations frameworks.

“Joining Sannam S4 is a great honor and an incredibly exciting step for me,” says Ms. Potter. “When representing a globally active institution, I relied on Sannam S4’s services for several years. I look forward to working alongside the many talented people at Sannam S4, while filling a growing need for globally engaged institutions and nonprofits.”

“I was really impressed with how Christine designed, implemented and managed Cornell’s extensive global operations strategy. We see a pressing need from other globally ambitious organisations to implement best practice approaches to support their international activities and there is no better person to provide this expertise than Christine” says Mr. Adrian Mutton, Sannam S4’s Founder and Chief Executive.

“In today’s increasingly regulated world, institutions and non-profit organisations need to pay far more attention to adhering to international tax, legal and HR regulations supporting staff, faculty and students around the world. It is critical to undertake and report on partner and funding due diligence and establish governance structures which protect your reputational, academic, intellectual property and commercial interests.” says Mutton.

“Our mission is to empower our clients to explore, enter and expand globally without inhibition, without obstacle and by reducing risks to enable them to create maximum positive impact” says Steve Harvey, Non-Executive Director at Sannam S4. “The practice that Christine leads will underpin the success of this mission.”

Ms. Potter will build on Sannam S4’s existing stellar international education and non-profit client portfolio which includes many world-leading universities and highly respected global non-profit organisations.

Christine Potter – Biography

Potter joins Sannam S4 from Cornell University where she held internationally-focused roles within the institution over her 14-year tenure. Most recently, she was appointed to the inaugural role of Executive Director of Global Operations, where she was able to realize her vision of establishing a centralized office to bolster institutional expertise and support for engaging in research, education, and other activities abroad—supporting the university’s work in more than 90 countries.

Prior to establishing Cornell’s global operations office, Ms. Potter held the positions of Director of Global Cornell Initiatives in the Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs and Associate Director of Academic Exchange & International Engagement for the College of Agriculture of Life Sciences. Before joining Cornell, Ms. Potter worked in non-profit and public sectors in Denver, Colorado.

Ms. Potter holds MBA degrees from Cornell University and Queen’s University, an MPS in International Development from Cornell University, and a B.A. in Communication and Media Studies from Metropolitan State University of Denver.

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