Nikhil Shanker

Executive Director – Talent Acquisition & Human Capital 

Sannam S4’s greatest asset is our people and their personal and professional development is a core focus area and priority for the firm.

Through the crisis of the prevailing pandemic situation, we have augmented our focus on our development and taken the opportunity to enhance our knowledge and skills. We believe that this evolved to be a great opportunity to invest in focused development initiatives helping us emerge as a much more ‘informed and skilled’ team from these unprecedented circumstances.

Through the increased efforts and prioritisation of the Sannam S4 Professional Development Programme, our people are enhancing their skill sets to deliver added value for all our clients as well as internal deliverables and meet the challenges of the future – and inspire others.

At Sannam S4, the learning and development programme is designed in a way such that it captures the competencies required at each career level.

The programme caters to the following two main areas:

Professional and Personal Development: Opportunities to develop as a leader and to reach one’s full potential. Programmes on Building Resilience, Developing Emotional Intelligence, Design Thinking, Critical thinking and many more are regularly organised for employees to effectively develop/enhance their skill sets.

Technology Adoption: Get familiar with the tools/software used at Sannam S4 and ensure efficiency in all the work we do. Extensive G-Suite training covering the various features of the G-suite are conducted from effectively working on Gmail, conducting meetings using Google Meet, organising calendar, working on drive, Google documents, forms and much more. This has helped to effectively use G-suite and stay connected in the virtual environment we are working these days. E-learning modules on MS-Excel, PowerPoint and Digital Marketing were also organised to train the employees who extensively use these tools while performing their roles.

To stay ahead, we all need to learn at a faster pace than change is happening.  If you are a lifelong learner, Sannam S4 is a place for you. Bring us your desire, energy, passion and drive, and Sannam S4 is ready to invest in your ongoing learning. Your future is our most important investment.