15 July 2017, Bengaluru

Sannam S4 Research and Partnership team & Larive International, Netherlands lead by Bharat Rampal – Head of Research and Partnerships and Girish Patki, Senior Consultant – Agriculture, Horticulture and Food in collaboration with 2030 Water Resource Group (World Bank) were successful in getting 6 MoU’s signed between the Private Companies and Government of Karnataka (GoK) in the event organized at Radisson Blu Hotel, Bengaluru. The MoU signed companies are the leading players who deal in Gherkins, Processed Fruits and Vegetables, Oil Seeds & Agriculture Commodities from the Indian Agriculture and Horticulture industry.

The workshop was organized and approved by Government of Karnataka which is a four way MoU signed with the private sector companies and the Departments of Water Resources, Agriculture and Horticulture.

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The MoU signing workshop was in continuation of the private sector interaction workshop held on May 02, 2017 at The Hotel Capitol Bangalore, followed by a 2-day farmers interaction workshop conducted at Almatti (Ramthal) on June 12-13, 2017, and the subsequent interest and willingness expressed by number of private sector companies to sign the MoU.

The workshop was a significant step forward by Government of Karnataka and the private sector companies towards strengthening market linkages for the project areas covering Drip Irrigation, and sustain the area as a world-class horticultural and agricultural centre of international repute. In addition to participating in the MoU signing ceremony, the workshop will also help private sector managers to closely interact with the Government and obtain a superior understanding of the value-add accrued to their firms from its collaboration with the farmers associated with the Drip Irrigation Projects, and benefits because of the improved agro-economics of the project area.

Sannam S4 was actively involved in coordinating with the companies, arranging the workshop and successful in bringing together all the 6 companies under one roof for signing the MoU in the presence of the Karnataka Government officials and making this event a grand success.


This successful MoU signing has taken this project to the next level of the Mega Alliance in September 2017.

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