The COVID-19 Agent Sentiment Snapshot highlights information drawn from a survey conducted every month in an effort to gather on-the-ground intelligence from our agents to assist all our stakeholders (students, universities, in-country representatives etc.) in preparing for the uncertainty surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

The survey was launched across Sannam S4’s network of Agents spanning across India. This snapshot presents insights from a survey conducted with agents from July 6 – August 6.


Student Readiness to take part of their course online:

  • Uncertain (54%) 10%
  • No (31%) 9%
  • Yes (15%) 19%

Student willingness to pay the same fee as a regular course for taking a part of their course online:

  • No (51%) 5%
  • Uncertain (20%) 13%
  • Yes (29%) 18%

Rise in student interest in online course replacement:

  • No (62%) 6%
  • Uncertain (23%) 10%
  • Yes (15%) 4%

Agent Readiness to run virtual fairs:

  • Yes (93%) 4
  • No (7%) 4%

Overall Agent Sentiment about the intake:

  • Uncertain (23%)
  • Neutral (15%)
  • Positive (16%)
  • Negative (46%)

  • Conversion (77%), Engaging students (62%) and Cost-Cutting (60%) continue to be important focus area for agents. However, we also noticed an increased focus on Visa Counselling (69%), an increase of 36% since the last survey
  • 93% of the agents have organised at least one online fair with 46% planning more than 2 fairs in the coming month alone
  • All the agents suggest the use of multiple tools and platforms to engage with students. WhatsApp (100%) has emerged as the most popular tool as all agents use it to counsel students. Zoom (85%) followed by Phone Call (77%) are amongst the top three tools
  • Agents suggests using Facebook Live (92%), Instagram Live (69%), and YouTube Live (38%) to engage with students regularly
  • 77% agents confirmed about noticing changes in the current pool of applicants (students who have already paid deposits), which may impact conversion.
  • 69% agents suggest more than 50% students are considering deferring their admissions
  • 85% agents also indicate need for quick/regular updates from the universities along with the request for webinars (24%) to build institutional knowledge and staff training
  • 62% of the agents have requested for more clarity on visa requirements while 38% agents are requesting more marketing material (like short videos) for reaching out to students
  • Agents suggest that universities must increase the number of scholarships (85%), extend more discounts (69%), ease admission requirements (49%) and provide clarity on impact of delay/cancellation of exams (46%).
  • The agents also suggest United Kingdom (54%), New Zealand (23%) and Canada (23%) have done a good job of managing and communicating around the impact of COVID-19
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