LONDON, MARCH 15, 2017Sannam S4, International Market Entry and Expansion Specialist and the UK Department for International Trade, announce a Partnership to Collaborate on Exporting is GREAT.
Harnessing the Department for International Trade’s clear export promotion agenda via the Exporting is GREAT campaign and recognising the increased appetite from UK businesses to trade internationally, Sannam S4 is adding its resources and expertise to help boost UK exports.
Sannam S4’s sole objective is to help businesses, universities and trade associations succeed in international markets. Its pragmatic approach combines local UK based support with strong in-country expertise in over twenty countries. Sannam S4’s model is designed to provide support to any organisation who seeks to explore, enter and expand overseas.
Mark Garnier, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for International Trade comments:
“We want to help more UK businesses realise their potential and take advantage of the growth that exporting can bring. By partnering with companies like Sannam S4 through our Exporting is GREAT campaign, together we can share expert advice and support with the UK’s businesses.
“The demand is out there for UK goods and services. We are on hand to offer guidance, through GREAT.gov.uk and as our team of expert advisors, to help businesses take that step onto overseas markets.”
Sannam S4’s UK Managing Director Edward Dixon comments “Brexit underlines the need for a strong UK trade agenda. Succeeding in trade ultimately depends on having an explorative mindset, being committed to international expansion and being strong in execution.  Sannam S4 is particularly focused on helping small and mid-market companies identify export opportunities, understand how to succeed locally and importantly, both implement and continue to act as a support partner as their overseas business activities expand. The Exporting is GREAT campaign is encouraging UK businesses to develop broader international ambitions.  For that reason, Sannam S4’s agenda is clearly aligned with the Department for International Trade and we are therefore a very willing Partner to the Exporting is GREAT campaign.”
“The Department for International Trade clearly recognise the tremendous export opportunities for UK businesses and institutions” says Sannam S4’s Founder & Group CEO Adrian Mutton. “We are working with DIT on several initaitves which are demonstrating the effectiveness of true partnership. There are certain aspects of international trade where the government is best placed to lend its support, where I refer to DIT as the ‘GREAT Enabler’. In other areas, specialist market entry and expansion firms such as Sannam S4 have the expertise and capabilities to support organisations through their entire international journeys. The results of such collaboration are extremely compelling for UK businesses” says Mutton.

Notes to Editors:

  • The Department for International Trade has overall responsibility for promoting UK trade across the world and attracting foreign investment to our shores.
  • Exporting is GREAT is accessed at great.gov.uk, the new single digital destination for trade and investment, bringing together and connecting UK businesses, international buyers and international investors. Whether businesses are new, occasional or frequent exporters, they will be able to take advantage of the new suite of tools and exclusive deals on fees or commissions with some of world’s leading online marketplaces.
  • By registering with the find a buyer service, businesses will become part of a brand new searchable directory of UK exporters which government will use to match their products and services with worldwide demand. A new tool on great.gov.uk will help businesses access the best e-commerce opportunities via preferential deals with the world’s largest online marketplaces.
  • DIT is a specialised body with significant new trade negotiating capacity, taking on the responsibilities of UK Trade & Investment, along with the relevant trade functions of the former Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. We have oversight of the Defence and Security Organisation and UK Export Finance is an integral part of DIT’s operations and strategy.
  • DIT works to promote UK exports of goods and services, to support a growing economy that creates wealth for all, supports jobs and meets our wider national interests; deliver the best international trading framework for the UK outside the EU, including through building our capacity to negotiate and administer a national trade policy; and maximise opportunities for wealth creation through supporting inward Foreign Direct Investment, with a renewed focus on ODI Outward Direct Investment.
  • Sannam S4 currently delivers services in 21 international markets- Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Eastern Europe, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, UAE, Singapore, Thailand, U.K., USA and Vietnam. In all of these markets our local teams offer a comprehensive range of services including market feasibility, due diligence, accounting, tax, cross-border banking, HR & corporate compliance, recruitment, and more – all backed by deep practical in-market experience and expertise. Our unique approach mitigates the costs and risks associated with managing a multitude of service providers.
  • Sannam S4’s has successfully supported the in-country expansion of international organisations worldwide. Clients include Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 corporations, small and mid-sized companies, leading world institutions of higher education, vocational colleges, preeminent non-profit and donor organisations, trade associations and professional bodies, and numerous countries’ governmental trade and investment agencies. Sannam S4’s three stage market entry solution provides with the immediate support and resources required to ‘hit the ground.’


Edward Dixon

Group COO & Managing Director

Adrian Mutton

Group CEO & Founder
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