Every year, Sannam S4’s Education team comes together to celebrate their accomplishments over the past year. Sannam S4 brought together over 100 education team members from India, the UK and the US to New Delhi hosting a one day retreat to hear from Journalist Snigha Poonam, Senior Scientist on Deep Learning and AI, and participate in a team bonding session.

This year’s keynote address featured journalist Snigdha Poonam, author of “Dreamers – How Young Indians are Changing The World” who spoke on her first accounts of the dreams of young Indians. To learn more about her book, go here.

Dr. Lovekesh Vig led an impressive presentation on the future of Artificial Intelligence and what it will look like for students in India.

The Education Retreat welcomed staff from all over India, the UK and North America.

  • Author, Snigdha Poonam with Adrian Mutton at Keynote Speech
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