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Programme Overview

According to the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, as of 2019, approximately 753,000 Indian students were studying in foreign universities. This growing statistic places India second only to China with regards to students travelling abroad to pursue their higher studies.

Given this current scenario of education mobility, the need for quality career guidance counsellors is soaring.

Sannam S4’s School Counselling Excellence Network is a new initiative that brings together high school counsellors from across India to start off with, to participate in a wide variety of skill-building certifications and courses. The idea is to create a powerful and purposeful team of education specialists who can help steer student development and growth.

Programme Objective

This initiative seeks to support school counsellors in acquiring the right knowledge and skills to drive student progress and success. Every endeavour, be it a certification, presentation, webinar or podcast, is aimed at helping counsellors deliver beneficial advice, establish stronger connections with quality universities across the world and garner relevant information and knowledge about careers and destinations. Fundamentally, the goal is to enable counsellors so that we augment their abilities to help students choose a field that is in sync with their interests, talents, and job expectations. 

Season 3: School Counselling In The Time Of Coronavirus

Season three brings to you insights from India’s school university counselors. We will hear from those on the front line as they support students to adapt to the new normal, the challenges, and changing choices.

Programme Genesis

Sannam S4 reached out to high school counsellors across the country with a survey intended to gauge student needs and preferences, as well as personal professional development aspirations. The latter was indicated as the most sought-after skill.

With a diverse sample set comprising of respondents in schools following CBSE, IB, IGCSE, ISC and State boards, the insights gained have proven to be fruitful in designing this new initiative at Sannam S4.

    Knowledge Platform

    Sannam S4 School Counselling Excellence Network is a knowledge platform designed to deliver benefits over the long term.

    Through the expert certifications and courses, the following learning outcomes are expected to be achieved:

    • Counsellors assimilate relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes within the specific domains of education and career counselling.
    • Counsellors gauge student interests, & talents, and find the best academic fit.
    • Counsellors establish connections with reputed universities across the world, enabling admissions to institutions.
    • Counsellors monitor and track corporate openings in requisite industries, guiding placements.

    Programme Particulars

    The Network will deliver its programme digitally, through a combination of presentations, webinars and podcasts.

    Watch the exclusive webinar session on exploring the unknown opportunities of immense value that Australia offers for schools and its allied stakeholders under the banner – Reimagine Rewire and Reboot Australia. Join experts from the Education Desk of The Trade and Investment Australia, and two of the top-ranked Australian Universities – for a session on how world-class Australian universities can add value to the India school ecosystem which encompasses opportunities for students, teachers, leadership and education itself.

    Season 1:Counsellor Well-being & Embracing the New Normal

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