Larive International periodically puts on a Larive Group Asia Business Forum as an opportunity for its (predominantly Dutch) clients to engage with country experts (the Larive Group) from a variety of markets around Asia.  In 2015, this took place in Bangkok but last week the latest installment took place in Larive’s HQ in Zeist in the Netherlands.

Larive’s Group partner in India, Sannam S4 was represented by Ed Dixon (Group COO and MD) and Bharat Rampal (Head of Research & Partnerships).  Ed and Bharat had the opportunity to spend material amounts of time with a variety of firms interested to Explore, Enter or Expand in India.

Larive International has a special focus on sectors such as Horticulture, Food and Agriculture (where we jointly have a number of active projects currently in India).  As such, it shouldn’t be a complete surprise that we spent time with clients in beverages, floriculture and aquaculture.  However we were also fortunate enough to also have good conversations with in wall coverings, industrial equipment and even flight training technologies (interesting, given the aviation sector is booming in India).  Interest levels in India were consistently high across the group.

In addition to the above, we had the opportunity to spend time with the other Larive Group members from other Asian countries (China, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and South Korea).  Some highlights from these discussions include:

  • Thura Swiss from Myanmar is pioneering B2C market research in Myanmar.
  • Open Asia from Vietnamcontinues to go from strength to strength with diverse and high profile brand portfolio.
  • Argosy from the Philippines updated us on recent political developments and underlined the continuing value of opportunities.
  • The strength of Clarity in Indonesia is particularly in Business Intelligence.
  • The depth of the manufacturing experience of Asia Base in China.
  • Larive International continues to pioneer in conceptualising PPP concepts in a variety of countries and on a variety of topics (Horticulture, Bakery, Fish, Poultry, Water technology), working closely with the Dutch government and acting as the catalyst to build value for industry / the private sector. This has really turned into a strong USP.

All in all, Sannam S4 was very pleased to participate in the Larive Group Asia Business Forum 2107.  As always, being face to face allows the personal connections to form more deeply and we look forward to continuing the various conversations started.

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