Introducing Sannam S4 Practitioner Series (2019-2020)

Reflecting on the last decade of working with leading universities from around the world, Sannam S4 believes that there has never been a more interesting time to engage in the higher education sector around the world. We see change on the horizon with more and more universities adding a global dimension to their curriculum and campuses, new skills and knowledge being disseminated with the onset of Industry 4.0 and a range of countries from the Global South and East heavily investing to develop their domestic R&D and internationalization capabilities.

As we complete 10 years of working in this space, Sannam S4 is launching our first-ever ‘Practitioner Series’, an initiative to bring together the leading experts of the sector to share best practices, challenge opinions and kick-start conversations on crucial internationalization topics from around the world. These practitioners are our partners, friends, and colleagues who we have had the honour of working with over the years.

We launch our series with an insightful article by Professor N.V. Varghese, Vice-Chancellor of the National University of Education and Planning, New Delhi. As a seasoned practitioner of the Indian HE sector, Professor Varghese believes that the Indian higher education sector is currently standing at a crossroads. In his article, he highlights some of the critical challenges to Indian HE and lays out a path for India’s institutions to improve quality, expand to meet demand and internationalize.

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